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August 30, 2006

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Oh dear god...

August 29, 2006

...but this is totally worth breaking my blog silence for...

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Alliance of Cutlasses

August 07, 2006

Scottish tosspots Union Of Knives have released an album about gangster ornithologists and it's quite good. Here is a clip of them playing 'I Decline' in my (and Totally Frank's) local trendy-arsehole venue 93 Feet East.

 Posted by Chris at 04:20 PM |  Category: Video

"Spitting out the blanche to change my special branch"

Stick Spiral back in! Vote Vote Vote!

No, I haven't gone mad, I just thought about incredible amounts of career-forwarding that will go on when they throw the BB rejects back into the house. (Does anyone see this as anything else but an excuse to reinstate Nikki to the house in the face of dwindling interest?)

In Spiral's case this career-forwarding will mean LOTS MORE RAPPING; especially now that he's has a few weeks outside to tout his services to record industry peoples...

So, get ready for more of this:

PLUS: Getting into the spirit of things, I had a go at remixing the 'Spiral Song' clip that was unleashed by Popbitch a few weeks ago. It's meant to be Hardcore, and has a GUN SHOT! Oooh:

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