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Clicking and Screaming

May 31, 2006

F*ck blokes in monster suits! These Lithuanian guys should have won! Watch LT United's post-modern masterpiece again on You Tube.

Another Grindie mixtape! Yay! This time Why Lout? superheroes Marvin The Martian and Jack Nimble bang out a stormer of a mixtape, with a contribution from ATD too!

Marvin The Martian - Hoods and Badges Mixtape:
Jack Nimble Scratch Intro
Latchmere Feat. Macabees
Little Light Feat. Kate Bush
Landed Feat. Les Georges Lenningrad
Reymell Feat. Audrey II (Little Shop Of Horrors)
Stay Off The Kane
**Akira The Don Productions**
Oobie Doo Feat. Nicholoas Cage singing Love Me Tender
**Akira The Don Productions**
I Don't Go (Alone) Feat. GoodBooks
Music Man Feat. M.Craft
I Hate My Job
That's Me Feat. CAN
Around The Way
Go That Far
Guns Of Brixton Feat. Nouvelle Vague

Perhaps my favourite summertime listening, for those moments of bliss under a tree in a park with dappled light on your face Django Reinhardt 'I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm'; it's not just LGL, Test Icicles and Comanechi with me you know..

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Swish Blog Podcast Mix, Episode #25

May 16, 2006

This Podcast is admittedly monthly now - and that's as frequently as i can do it - i'm just far too lazy for more updates. Far. Too. Lazy.

Shoe Girl and I are going on holiday! This Friday! Yay for foreign food (which is surely the best thing about any holiday abroad?)!

The following 15 songs are f**king great.

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The Swish Blog Podcast, Episode #25, 16/05/06
Ewww, Podcasts... Download the mix directly (160kbps) 48MB

1. He - Action Plan [00:00]
2. Happy Slap - The Maccabees [02:27]
3. The Gap - You Say Party! We Say Die! [04:32]
4. And Prolapse - Pre [07:30]
5. She told me I love u fuck off - 10LEC6 [09:07]
6. W.A.Y.U.H. - The Rapture [13:12]
7. XXXchange Electro Remix - Spank Rock [16:41]
8. Kill Me - Whirlwind Heat [21:03]
9. Spitting In My Face - Kissing Cousins [23:36]
10. Johanna - The Fakrays [25:45]
11. Faces - Greyhound Green [29:40]
12. Junk 'n' Jubilee - Lupen Crook [31:55]
13. Alfie - Lily Allen [33:30]
14. The Canals Of Our City - Beirut [36:05]
15. New Guy - Bertel Haugen [38:19]

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Lick My Click

May 15, 2006

Wink, North London's premiere monthly indie rock cabaret clubnight is back on the 9th of June; and from what I've heard about the opening night last month it should be a stormer. Watch the opening matches of the World Cup then get yourself down to the Buffalo Bar.

The best thing on the internet, TODAY. Funny French-accented cabbie BBC job applicant gets mistaken for a IT industry expert and stuck on BBC News 24, watch the video. (boingboing.net)

Ravi Shankar's offspring Norah Jones sticks on a wig and a big red Fender and gets awesome. (villageindian.com)

Learn little Lily's secret of good sampling, i.e. make it obscure. (stereogum.com)

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Clickety Click

May 03, 2006

Akira The Don has a new mixtape on his website and has done a lovely promotional video for it. (youtube.com)

Dan Chung takes awesome photos for the Guardian, he has his own section their brilliant new 'Comment Is Free..' blog. (guardian.co.uk)

Mutya from Sugababes 1.0 and 2.0 has nice dogs. (popjustice.com)

Raz writes yet another awsome 'Vs.' feature, this time pitting the Simpsons against each other (and he doesn't mean Homer vs. Ashlee either). (drownedinsound.com)

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