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Swish Blog Podcast Mix, Episode #24

April 11, 2006

for no reason except cutenessThis podcast has been long in the making, unfortunately I've just been too busy playing Football Manager and getting drunk and being ill to bother with one. Luckily though, this means that it's a real stormer as only the really good sht from the past month has made the cut.

Ok, now for a quick round up: If you haven't heard of Naked Babes yet where have you been? A collaboration between over-productive fidgety-types Tom Vek, Dev from Test Icicles and Ferry and Chris from Semi-Finalists; they make lovely noises.

Adam Kesher were the lead track on the last podcast and I couldn't help putting another track in this one. They're French, but good.

Hot Club De Paris are from Liverpool, which instantly makes them worth a listen (NB: when did The Zutons get so good?), but they're doing loads of dates in London over the next month or so; it's a must see.

Polytechnic are another band from where I like to call 'not-London' (this time from Manchester) who deserve special attention, especially as they manage to sound awesome despite one of their number having long hair and a beard.

NEW ACTION PLAN STUFF! (Jesus Christ it's good)

NEW STUFF FROM THE ROCKS! (Demo version of their next single! Woot!)

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The Swish Blog Podcast, Episode #24, 11/04/06
I'm lea phal de bee. Download the mix directly (160kbps) 55MB

1. Girls Gone Wild - Naked Babes
2. Everybody - Headman
3. 160 - Adam Kesher
4. Gravity's Rainbow (To My Boy's Marintetti's Nightmare mix) - Klaxons
5. Sheena is a Parasite - The Horrors
6. Meet Me at Eight - Blood Red Shoes
7. Munki - Tiger Force
8. New Partee E.A. - Wet Dog
9. sometimesitsbetternottostickbitsofeachotherineachotherforeachother - Hot Club de Paris
10. Blood Brothers - Action Plan
11. My Debts Spiral Out Of Control - Monster Bobby
12. Pep - Polytechnic
13. '50s Parking - Tapes 'n' Tapes
14. Secret Eyes - Fear Of Flying
15. Summer Kisses - The Rocks

Ps. sorry about the lack of track timings. You'll just have to concentrate this week.

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