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Swish Blog Podcast Mix, Episode #23

March 15, 2006

Adam Kesher are two brothers from Bordeaux - that's in France – who, like all the best French musical exports of the past 10 years, sound about as French as Yorkshire puddings. Their debut EP 'Where's My Place' (which this track is taken from) is out on April 24th; they're also playing some dates in London, tonight (15th March) at Plan B, Friday (17th) at the Bull & Gate and Monday (20th) at the Hope & Anchor. Worth a look I reckon.

'GoodBook' by MIT is apparently their first English language song, although I can't understand a bloody word of it.

Xerox Teens and The Horrors are featured in this week's NME, which must be nice for them.

Bertel Haugen is a genius.

I put 'Save Ginny Weasly' by Harry and the Potters at the end of this mix firstly because it's quite an old song, and it's possible that most of you would have already heard of them; and secondly because if you've never read a Harry Potter book you'll have no idea, and probably wont care, what it's about.

Ivor Cutler r.i.p.

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The Swish Blog Podcast, Episode #23, 15/03/06
I don't wanna subscribe, but i will download the mix directly (160kbps) 49MB

1. Love Is Such A Hard Game - Adam Kesher [00:00]
2. Goodbook - Mit [03:00]
3. Round - Xerox Teens [07:03]
4. Full Moon - The Horrors [09.34]
5. Four Horsemen of 2012 - Klaxons [11:49]
6. Make Out Fall Out Make Up - Love Is All [14:13]
7. Don't Tell Me - Tigs [17:06]
8. Somersault (notes) - Sky Larkin [21:29]
9. Tennis System and its Stars - Le Man avec Les Lunettes [24:17]
10. What The Tomatoes - Bertel Haugen [27:00]
11. Fantastic Apparatus - DARTZ! [30:27]
12. Johnny Dean - The Art Goblins [34:01]
13. John O'Ryan's Polka Dot Skirt - Larrikin Love [36:59]
14. Save Ginny Weasley - Harry and the Potters [37:47]
15. Bounce Bounce Bounce (Peel Session '69) - Ivor Cutler [40:45]

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 George says:

this is good...

March 15, 2006 09:36 PM
 Paul says:

Nice one... worth it just for the Ivor Cutler.

March 23, 2006 06:39 PM
 raymond says:

best podcast of the year

December 5, 2006 10:31 AM
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