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I saw bears, and there were tigers

March 07, 2006

After what seems like an eternity waiting it seems that Drowned in Sound Recordings are finally ready to release Emmy The Great's first single 'Secret Circus'. Now obviously, unless you're on your deathbed or just plain miserable, you're going to want to buy it, and you can do just that on the 27th of March! So soon, I hear you exclaim!

It's available on the Drowned in Sound Recording Digital Singles Club (or DiSRDSC if you're an idiot) from, like, every download store in the world; or you can get one of those new fangled 7" vinyl things that everyone's talking about from Fear and Records. Put it in your diaries.

 Posted by Chris at March 7, 2006 03:15 PM |  Category: Releases

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