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Andy The Cabbage

March 31, 2006

Monday night saw Emmy The Great in for a session on John Kennedy's Exposure radio show on Xfm; not only that she was backed by talented boy-types Johnny Flynn and Jeremy Warmsley. They played two songs and I've managed to knock together some mp3s for you all after some clever jiggery-pokery with my computer and TiVo box. Get 'em while they're hot.

Emmy The Great - Edward Is Dedward (Xfm Session)
Emmy The Great - Absentee (Xfm Session)

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Bad camera phone photo alert!

March 29, 2006

The Matt Willis showcase, 28th March 2006, The Scala, London

His soon to be ubiquitous logo design, its like Robbie Williams' 'RW' design, you see? It's his initials, but with an M at the start instead of an R. Also it looks a bit like a squiggle and does funny things to your eyes after a few Kronenbergs.

The Willis on stage. He's wearing a suit jacket, but in an ironic way because he's a bit PUNK, but still a bit POP.

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Wink 182

March 17, 2006

New clubnight Wink opens it's doors on Friday 31st March (the Friday after next) and then follows the second Friday of every month with bands & djs (obv) from 9pm till 4am (ooh, late) at North London's mini-mecca, Buffalo Bar.

It's run by some good friends of mine - and I designed the website for them which you can get here www.winktheclub.com - and will therefore be pretty awesome, cos (frankly) I just don't make friends with losers.

Playing on the night are The Pigeon Detectives, The B Plan, The Nudes and Scully, and the people spinning the discs of gold will be The Pigeon Detectives, The B Plan, The Nudes, Heidi Heelz and Rene (Disorder Magazine / Fierce Panda). If there's not enough there to whet you whistles then I don't know what will.

It's FREE until midnight and then a measly £3 thereafter; plus there'll be prizes and free drinks for random people based on some arbitrary system of contest.

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Swish Blog Podcast Mix, Episode #23

March 15, 2006

Adam Kesher are two brothers from Bordeaux - that's in France – who, like all the best French musical exports of the past 10 years, sound about as French as Yorkshire puddings. Their debut EP 'Where's My Place' (which this track is taken from) is out on April 24th; they're also playing some dates in London, tonight (15th March) at Plan B, Friday (17th) at the Bull & Gate and Monday (20th) at the Hope & Anchor. Worth a look I reckon.

'GoodBook' by MIT is apparently their first English language song, although I can't understand a bloody word of it.

Xerox Teens and The Horrors are featured in this week's NME, which must be nice for them.

Bertel Haugen is a genius.

I put 'Save Ginny Weasly' by Harry and the Potters at the end of this mix firstly because it's quite an old song, and it's possible that most of you would have already heard of them; and secondly because if you've never read a Harry Potter book you'll have no idea, and probably wont care, what it's about.

Ivor Cutler r.i.p.

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The Swish Blog Podcast, Episode #23, 15/03/06
I don't wanna subscribe, but i will download the mix directly (160kbps) 49MB

1. Love Is Such A Hard Game - Adam Kesher [00:00]
2. Goodbook - Mit [03:00]
3. Round - Xerox Teens [07:03]
4. Full Moon - The Horrors [09.34]
5. Four Horsemen of 2012 - Klaxons [11:49]
6. Make Out Fall Out Make Up - Love Is All [14:13]
7. Don't Tell Me - Tigs [17:06]
8. Somersault (notes) - Sky Larkin [21:29]
9. Tennis System and its Stars - Le Man avec Les Lunettes [24:17]
10. What The Tomatoes - Bertel Haugen [27:00]
11. Fantastic Apparatus - DARTZ! [30:27]
12. Johnny Dean - The Art Goblins [34:01]
13. John O'Ryan's Polka Dot Skirt - Larrikin Love [36:59]
14. Save Ginny Weasley - Harry and the Potters [37:47]
15. Bounce Bounce Bounce (Peel Session '69) - Ivor Cutler [40:45]

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Lies & Secrets

March 13, 2006

Everybody's favourite Anglo-Franco sexpot Jeremy Warmsley has a new EP out on the 10th of April and video for lead track 'Dirty Blue Jeans' has finally appeared online, and those of you unfamiliar with Jeremy's videos are in for a real treat. Rebuffing performance nonsense, his videos have an almost cinematic quality that frames his music and gives it another dimension - his songs seem different after you've seen the video for them – and 'Dirty Blue Jeans' is no exception. Completely still characters get more and more animated until they seem almost in a frenzy, despite not actually moving throughout the video. Watch it.

Click here to watch the video (fink-base.com)

He's also going on tour in April (click 'live!'), see:
8th April: London, The Luminaire
9th April: Nottingham, The Social
10th April: York, Fibbers
11th April: Newcastle, The Cumberland Arms
12th April: Hull, The Lamp
13th April: Leeds, The Faversham
15th April: Sheffield, The Grapes
16th April: Leicester, The Charlotte
17th April: Cardiff, The Barfly
18th April: Bristol, The Croft
20th April: Birmingham, The Glee Club
21st April: Coventry, Taylor Johns
22nd April: Guildford, Spill @ The Star
23rd April: Brighton, The Free Butt

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Swish Blog Podcast Mix, Episode #22

March 09, 2006

As a change to the regular order of things (i.e. about every three weeks I update my 'weekly' Podcast mix with 15 new songs) this week sees the first of The Swish Blog's guest Podcast episodes.

The first episode of what will hopefully be a short series of guest mixes is provided by the boys from The Horror Podcast, which if you haven't heard is a totally essential slab of horror film ramblings from two South-West London swells. Fittingly, in this special mix the boys - otherwise known as Chad & Dave - take us through the best scary music from films, TV and beyond, interspersed with their trademark 'hilarious' banter.

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The Swish Blog Podcast, Episode #22, SwisHorror Mix
"What's an iPod-cast?" (?) Download the mix directly (128kbps) 55MB

1. HorrorPodCast pt2 - Chad & Dave
2. Thriller - Michael Jackson
3. Twin Peaks - Angelo Badalemtini
4. Horror Show - Sizemix ft Manchild
5. Ave Satani - Jerry Goldsmith
6. Knightmare theme - Ed Welch
7. Skulls - The Misfits
8. Red Right Hand - Nick cave & The Bad Seeds
9. Little Frankenstein - Mister Monster
10. I Think We're Alone Now - Tommy James and The Shondells
11. Ghostbusters - Unknown Artist
12. Hellraiser - Ozzy Osbourne
13. Halloween (Remix) - Artist Unknown
14. Monster Mash - Bobby Boris Pickett
15. Carmina Burana - Carl Orff
16. Tubular Bells - Mike Oldfield
17. Eve of the War - Jeff Wayne
18. HorrorPodCast pt1 - Chad & Dave

Reckon you could do better? Have something interesting to say or promote? Get in touch and I may just let you do your own Swish Blog guest mix thing.

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I saw bears, and there were tigers

March 07, 2006

After what seems like an eternity waiting it seems that Drowned in Sound Recordings are finally ready to release Emmy The Great's first single 'Secret Circus'. Now obviously, unless you're on your deathbed or just plain miserable, you're going to want to buy it, and you can do just that on the 27th of March! So soon, I hear you exclaim!

It's available on the Drowned in Sound Recording Digital Singles Club (or DiSRDSC if you're an idiot) from, like, every download store in the world; or you can get one of those new fangled 7" vinyl things that everyone's talking about from Fear and Records. Put it in your diaries.

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I'm going on holiday...

March 02, 2006

...for a couple of days with shoe girl; we're visiting land of the permanent building-site Barcelona. Inevitably we will have loads of fun, and hopefully I'll return with loads of freaky Catalonian folk to 'spice-up' any future Swish Blog Podcasts.
(NB. While we're on the subject of the SB Podcast, we're going to be having a few guest episodes soon; from some of London Town's most influential nobodies, so keep your eyes and ears open for them)
Until then, adieu.

Photo from Hemflock

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