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Swish Blog Podcast Mix, Episode #21

February 24, 2006

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The Swish Blog Podcast, Episode #21, 24/02/06
Podcast, Schmodcast. Download the mix directly (160kbps) 51MB

1. X-Ray Vision - The Maccabees [00:00]
2. Gravity's Rainbow - Klaxons [03:07]
3. August - Roland Shanks [05:38]
4. Audrey In The Country - The Envelopes [09:40]
5. Musty Pasty Dusty - Bertel Haugen [11:48]
6. Stop it! - Les Enfants [14:36]
7. Back In The Game - Jamie T [18:15]
8. Deaf Trip - The Eraserheads [20:32]
9. Trampoline - The Grates [23:54]
10. Stairway To Heaven - Be Your Own PET [25:46]
11. From Several To Many - Semifinalists [27:30]
12. Dark Crusin' - Erase Errata [29:30]
13. Drum and the Uncomfortable Can (Remix) - Liars [31:57]
14. Gold Lion (Diplo Remix) - Yeah Yeah Yeahs [36:34]
15. Circle Square Triangle (Chrome Hoof Remix) - Test Icicles [40:06]

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Change of website url and rss feed url!

Hello. Due to our continuing webhost move the website url has now changed *officially* to swishblog.co.uk; so although you'll still be able to access The Swish Blog through abougu.co.uk, abougu.co.uk/swishblog/ and swishblog.net they will simply be redirects.

As a consequence the RSS feed for The Swish Blog has changed to http://www.swishblog.co.uk/atom.xml (ATOM), and http://www.swishblog.co.uk/index.xml (RSS 2.0), please update your links and feeds.

Thanks for your patience.

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Test Icicles Helpline

February 22, 2006

Are you distraught after hearing the news that Test Icicles are no more? Perhaps you're feeling suicidal because Dev, Rory and Sam will no longer be a part of your life, perhaps you're angry at them for causing you so much pain?

You're not alone.

Email the.swish.blog@gmail.com for impartial and compassionate advice on dealing with today's awful Test Icicles news.

Original photo courtesy of Nilina Mason-Campbell

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No, No, Diplo..

February 21, 2006

Yeah Yeah Yeahs are back, but you knew that. The Diplo remix of Gold Lion is incredible, but you knew that. They have really awesome LiveJournal and MSN avatars here, but you probably even knew that didn't you? And they have one of those annoying desktop buddies for download here, did you know that?

You can buy tickets and stuff too:
13th/Camber Sands / All Tomorrow's Parties // £125
16th/London / The Forum // £18
17th/London / The Forum // £18
19th/Glasgow / Barrowlands // £15
20th/Manchester / Academy // £15
21st/Birmingham / Academy // £15

Here, here, here or here.

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More spazzing

February 20, 2006

As I alluded to earlier, during the F-up I lost all of my audio files and my podcast xml feed, which was a bit of a downer as I'd just updated it so you could download almost all of my previous 20 Podcasts. Luckily I had a backup of the audio files, and they are now back on the server available to download: go mad. Unfortunately I didn't have a back up of the Podcast xml feed, so - although there is a limited version up live on the server now - that will take a little longer to restore (the time it takes me to rewrite the whole thing in fact)..

In the meantime, download any of my podcast episodes directly from here. Woop.
Episode #02 - 19th April 2005 // 58.1MB
Episode #03 - 27th April 2005 // 53.6MB
Episode #04 - 5th May 2005 // 51.2MB
Episode #06 - 19th May 2005 // 50.6MB
Episode #07 - 6th June 2005 // 54.0MB
Episode #08 - 30th June 2005 // 70.6MB
Episode #09 - 12th July 2005 // 58.1MB
Episode #10 - 22nd July 2005 // 56.1MB
Episode #11 - 9th August 2005 // 59.0MB
Episode #12 - 6th September 2005 // 55.8MB
Episode #13 - 13th September 2005 // 50.1MB
Episode #14 - 27th September 2005 // 47.8MB
Episode #15 - 7th October 2005 // 55.8MB
Episode #16 - 1st November 2005 // 52.6MB
Episode #17 - 6th November 2005 // 67.2MB
Episode #18 - 23rd November 2005 // 57.3MB
Episode #19 - 17th December 2005 // 54.8MB
Episode #20 - 10th February 2006 // 48.7MB

Or browse the posts which relate to these Podcasts here: Mixes Archive

PS: Katamari Damarcy flash game. Does anyone know what the aim of the game is?

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The f***-up in full...

To explain what's been wrong with The Swish Blog over the past week would take ages and ages. In short, my host lost most of my files (including all my images and audio files) so I moved to a new host. Hopefully everything should be up and running soon, although it probably means that all my previous posts will be text-only from now on (barring some miracle and/or many man-hours of image replacement), I also hope to have my audio files and a NEW podcast xml file up and running asap... Love, Chris/x

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We're a bit fucked up...

February 16, 2006

at the moment. We're working on a fix. Promise.

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Swish Blog Podcast Mix, Episode #20

February 10, 2006

It's been an exceedingly long time since I last did a Podcast wotsit for your eager ears, dear reader. For that, I apologise. However I have complete faith that this mix will make up for any bad feeling owing to my delayed absence, because, in all honesty it's friggin' boss.

And in case you were wondering, Future and the Boy is Eddie Argos from Art Brut; it seems he was having a laugh in the studio with fellow Art-Gobliner Nicky Biscuit. Add Them.

Subscribe to The Swish Blog Podcast by copying the following rss url into your Podcasting software (iTunes, Juice etc) and hit subscribe..

The Swish Blog Podcast, Episode #20, 10/02/06
Think Podcasts are lame? Download the mix directly (160kbps) 49MB

1. Dancehall Deceit - Theoretical Girl {0.00}
2. The Treatment (Metronomy mix) - Dead Disco {2.11}
3. Skin Flick - Future and the Boy {5.22}
4. Wanking Over A Pornographic Polaroid Of An Ex-girlfriend Who Died - Kunt and the Gang {8.16}
5. Steal - Be Your Own PET {10.08}
6. Laser Eyes - DARTZ! {12.18}
7. Cigarello - The Fratellis {14.38}
8. Elaine - The Young Knives {17.33}
9. June Gloom - The Like {21.41}
10. What's On? - Pete And The Pirates {25.43}
11. Company - NeatPeople {27.18}
12. The Spirit of 1914 - Alex Kid {30.13}
13. Passchendaele - Good Books {33.32}
14. World At War - The Alps {37.19}
15. Nat King Cole - Adam Green {39.51}

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