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Interfering, Interfacing

January 26, 2006

On a press release yesterday regarding The Chalets new single 'Theme From Chalets': "Already this year The Chalets have.. turned down 6 figure offers to appear on Celebrity Big Brother.."

Paula and Caoimhe would eat Pete Burns alive.

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Crispy crispy Benjamin Franklin

January 25, 2006

Jeremy Warmlsey - that charming bespectacled young man who sings songs about chess and jeans and stuff - is out and about this fine country of ours supporting NY-Russian folk-hop troubadour Regina Spektor during February, and I wholeheartedly recommend that you go see.

Jeremy – already with two releases under his belt – has a new EP entitled 'Other People's Secrets' coming out soon, which will surely not fail to catapult him into the outer-realms of indie-electro superstardom, because, quite simply, it is excellente. He is, quite literally, spoiling us.

The dates are as such:
2/7: Bristol - Fleece
2/9: Dublin - Whelans
2/10: Belfast - The Limelight
2/11: Norwich - Arts Centre
2/13: Leichester - The Charlotte
2/14: Colchester - Arts Centre
2/16: Oxford - Zodiac

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Aww Dio Vee Dio..

January 23, 2006

As a response to The Swish Blog acting like a dead duck over the past month - still bobbing in the water, like in life, but slowly rotting from the core – and a persistant lack of desire to write a post I have now made all my playlist mixes available in my podcast.

If you're unfamiliar with them my playlist mixes are 15 tracks of awesome music cross-faded to not-quite perfection by my lumbering luddite hands. There are seventeen to download at the moment (and I'm pretty sure that there are another two knocking about somewhere) and they date back to April 2005. I suppose they're like a chronological record of the changes in my musical tastes from then to now, although I suppose that doesn't really interest you.


The Swish Blog Podcast URL:

Auto-subscribe in iTunes file:

A helping hand: To 'subscribe' to the Podcast you will need Podcasting software, the two I would recommend are iTunes and Juice (formerly iPodder). To subscribe in iTunes download the 'Auto-subscribe in iTunes file' (above) and then open the downloaded file, and to subscribe in Juice copy the Podcast URL (in the first blue box above) into the software and click 'subscribe'.

Mixer picture from Evymoon.

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Kill The Animal Collective

January 06, 2006

Neon superheroes Tiger Force have got a mental new video for 'Kill The Wonder Boy' in which their every move - not to mention their appearance - is controlled by two Japanese child scientists with a God-complex and a penchant for twiddling.

They were kind enough to send me the video on one of those new-fangled vd disks (as my gran calls them), and now I'm giving it to you here, cool huh?
(Please right click and save-as)
Tiger Force - Kill The Wonder Boy - a big bad 37MB mpg file...
Tiger Force - Kill The Wonder Boy - a worse quality 13MB divx avi file...

'Kill the Wonder Boy' is taken from their split 10" single with Silent Front which I've been banging on about for the past month or so. It got single of the week in Pure Groove so I'd recommend that you buy it there, like, now. There are only 100 copies IN THE ENTIRE WORLD; so, as I said, now!

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