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Swish Blog Playlist Mix 23-11-05

November 23, 2005

Here is this week's Playlist Mix, I hope you enjoy it, although I suppose if you'd payed any attention the previous post you'll already have this mix via the MAGIC of Podcasting, what fun.

586 are a band of boys and girls who obviously like mid-'90s twee (brit)pop and Shoreditch. They have Girls Aloud in their 'Top 8' on MySpace and are therefore 'ace'.

'Death Cola Music' by Tiger Force is taken from their forthcoming split 10"/CD with Silent Front. They each have two songs and not one song on the whole release is sub-standard - you can buy it from their MySpace via PayPal, how very internetty of them.

Son Of Dork are James Bourne from Busted's new band. 'Murdered In The Mosh' is one of two songs on the album co-written by James with Avril's chums The Matrix. James wrote the rest himself, but that's just because he's awesome.

The Swish Blog, Weekly Playlist Mix, 23/11/05
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1. Borderline Blues - 586 {00:00}
2. Death Cola Music - Tiger Force {02:05}
3. Mean Old Coot - Zolof the Rock & Roll Destroyer {05:09}
4. Sister In Love (Test Icicles Remix) - The Envelopes {07:06}
5. There It Go (P.Nice BostonBounce Remix) - P.nice {8:34}
6. Download - Sway {12:06}
7. Are Our Future - Wintergreen {14:59}
8. Murdered In The Mosh - Son Of Dork {18:18}
9. Private Thoughts - Elle Milano {21:35}
11. The Last Bench - Mystery Jets {33:35}
12. Better Off Dead (Le Peste Cover) - Death From Above 1979 {38:01}
13. Lyudi Invalidi - t.A.T.u. {40:14}
14. Could We - Cat Power {44:31}
15. City Burning - Jeremy Warmsley {46:46}

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 David says:

wooo elle milano!

November 25, 2005 04:29 PM
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