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Fame at last!

November 22, 2005

Thanks to everyone who pointed out The Swish Blog's first broadsheet mention in the Observer Review's letter page this Sunday. Whoever our Mr John Doe is I'm sure Tom from Indie MP3, Mike from Take Your Medicine and myself are very grateful for their kind comments about our English language skills.

Here's the full transcript:
"Your article on music blogs ('Geek translations', 13 November) was guilty of stereotyping bloggers, many of whom write relatively sensible reviews. Inventing the term 'Bloglish' and inviting a language expert to analyse how bloggers make up words created an extremely negative stereotype: 'Blogs are unapproachable'. In fact, many blogs are exciting, free and easy to read. I recommend your writer looks at www.abougu.co.uk/swishblog, www.indie-mp3.co.uk/blog/blog.htm, and takeyourmedicinemp3.blogspot.com."

If anyone knows who the gracious correspondent might be, or still has a copy of the magazine knocking around please get in touch.

 Posted by Chris at November 22, 2005 04:43 PM |  Category: Spaz

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