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Help please, my beautiful patrons...

August 23, 2005

Hello, I desperately need a Reading Weekend ticket. I have mine but I need one for my friend Candy or I will be going alone, which we all know would be shit. A sizable amount of money can be paid (just not eBay prices, you know they're going for £250?!)

Help needed.

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Swish Blog Playlist Mix 09-08-05

August 09, 2005

The Swish Blog, Weekly Playlist Mix, 09-08-05
High Quality 160kbps (59MB) | Low Quality 64kbps (24MB)
(Please right-click and save-as)

1. Canapés and Grapes - Emmy The Great
2. Back Yard - Au Revoir Simone
3. Deltasmelta - Park Attack
4. Pioneers - Mystery Jets
5. We Hate The Kids - The Indelicates
6. Space For Rent - WhoMadeWho
7. Madame Geneva - Greyhound Green
8. Wooly Bridge - Bromheads Jacket
9. Lust In The Movies - The Long Blondes
10. Hold Up! - Ladyfuzz
11. Twisted Ambulance - Twisted Charm
12. Beacon - Collapse
13. Did You Ever Think? - Test-Icicles
14. Way More (Cry On My Console Remix) - Diplo
15. MIA's Thing - Carrasco!

Apologies to dial-uppers who usually download the low quality version of the mix, I used a different encoding program this week and the 64kbps version sounds awful. I would suggest that everyone get the 160kbps version if possible.

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