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A little bit of journo-ing

July 19, 2005

Since I last wrote on here, I've had my first review published in Artrocker magazine, which was lovely. I got a full-page to myself - my measly three-hundred word review and a huge photo - unfortunately there was some sort of cock-up and the huge photo was of Snow White, and not Test-Icicles, my reviews subjects. Anyway I mustn't grumble, I actually wrote the review the day after the terrorist bombings with a huge hangover, writers-block and a certain amount of grammatical-stupidity, so I'm lucky it got in the magazine at all.

So please buy it (generally it's free, but sometimes it's £1) if you can, Artrocker Issue 17 (it's got Les Georges Leningrad on the cover), in the meantime this is my review:

Test-Icicles :: The Legion, Hoxton :: 6th July 2005
"Ladies and Gentlemen, get ready for the worst night of your fucking lives!" Dev Test-icicles screams from atop a bass amp, "this is the best time of our lives". The hideously-named Test-Icicles - recently signed to Domnio - are out to have a good time tonight, and they're not going to let anybody stop them, especially not this largely static Hoxton crowd.
First song 'Catch It' is a shambolic cacophony of screeches and pounding electro dub beats whilst the three svelte figures of band members Dev, Sammy and Rory thrash and sling their bodies as if standing still would mean certain death. Next, new single 'Boa vs. Python' - on record an exhilarating storm of fervent teenage enthusiasm (for serpents) - waned slightly, as metal poses, and fretboard-wanking take precedent; such excesses are inherent to the whole Test-icicles experience. In that lies their very problem, here we have 3 wonderfully talented boys who can marry electro, metal and rap music with such ease (and style), yet they know exactly how talented, ground-breaking and fucking cool they are; and seem intent on thrusting the fact down our throats for the entirety of their set. There are as many missed chords as hair-metal solos, as much misplaced feedback as instrument-swapping.
'Dancing On Pegs', the greatest ode-to-amputation ever written, and 'Circle, Square, Triangle' are set highlights and briefly threaten to get the crowd moving almost as much as the boys on stage, but this is an all-too-fleeting moment. At the end of the day Test-Icicles make some of the most thrilling, danceable and forward-thinking music around, yet seem more interested in amusing themselves and their friends, with rock shapes and 80s metal pomposity. Hopefully soon they will let their music breathe and give the rest of us some of the action.

 Posted by Chris at July 19, 2005 02:24 PM |  Category: Reviews


 Pele says:

The Test-Icicles are getting airplay on Indie Radio 103.1FM in Los Angeles, the #1 alternative station in LA.

July 19, 2005 03:15 PM
 chris says:

Really? That's awesome.

July 19, 2005 03:33 PM
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