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What did I dream?

June 29, 2005

Just to expand on the Glastonbury photo post yesterday I thought I'd tell you which bands I saw during the weekend. The problem with seeing bands at Glastonbury is that it's almost impossible to make critical judgements on their quality; excluding of course the obviously terrible - like the story I heard of Bobby Gillespie of Primal Scream's foaming mouth-drug fuck performance on the Sunday.

Saturday I accidentally slept all morning, waking up at 2.30 - just as Art Brut were due to start - too late. I got to the John Peel stage as they played their final chords, luckily I'm seeing them this Friday so all is not lost. Anyway, straight after t'Brut The Rakes were on - if I'm honest the only band I really wanted to see all weekend - I'd just got hold of their new album and even though I'd seen them before I was excited in particular to hear new single Work, Work, Work (Pub, Club, Sleep). They were not disappointing in the slightest, believe me, even in my mid-afternoon half-comedown half-inebriated state I couldn't stop dancing like a donkey. They are still ending their sets with Just Got Paid, despite it's absence from the album, but it blew the whole tent away - everybody was doing the faux-ironic Ian Curtis dancing - the whole experience in fact was incredible.

Skip forward to Sunday afternoon, The Crown tent for Special Needs, part of the special Poptones line-up - which was generally a bit crap barring The Paddingtons, and the absent Carl Barat (what happened to him?) - and again they were well worth the trip. To the left, to the right… etc etc etc. Do wop brilliance.

OK, OK, here come the questions... Why did you go all the way to Glastonbury to see only two bands, both of which you've seen within the last two month? What about Coldplay? Or The White Stripes? The Go Team!? LCD Soundsystem? M.I.A.? Maximo Park? LCD Soundsystem? 2manydjs? Babyshambles???! ARRRrggggghhh!
Why go to Glastonbury to see bands? Honestly.

 Posted by Chris at June 29, 2005 03:13 PM |  Category: Life, Reviews


 palmer_eldritch says:

My sentiments exactly, Chris - particularly when the lineup is as turgid as the one this year (IMHO).

June 30, 2005 08:45 AM
 Emma says:

was watching the glastonbury converge open-mouthed as Primal Scream did their best diva on drugs act and fair enough it was just basement jaxx but its consider extermly impolite in some circles to diss the band taking to the stage DIRECTLY after you.anyway guilty pleasure for me was Brian Wilson (although it should be Brian Wilson and his top-notch backing band me thinks) he was amazing!I know I know it was all the old Beach Boys classics but it just looked like such an amazing atmosphere there with the sun (finally!) blazing away and the crowd all beaming at the stage.And due to the coverage the decision of Kasabian or Interpol gets harder cause Kasabian were absolutely immense, but i quite like Interpol,hmmm.....damn festival schedules!

July 2, 2005 10:02 PM
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