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Catch-up time

June 01, 2005

Restored, The Swish Blog seems a bit redundant to me at the moment. Hopefully you haven't noticed, but if you have I apologise. The thing is I just haven't had time to update recently, I've moved house, been stupidly busy at work, and a little bit ill; I'm afraid doing anything more than a fifteen track mix every week or so was far beyond me.

The thing is I've had loads of things that I could have (and should have) written about. I've been to a tonne of gigs, seeing many good (Twisted Charm, Objects, Death From Above 1979) and bad (Cazals, Dakar Rally, Metric) performances, which I would have loved to scribble about on here - this blog is, after all, my personal outlet of rainbows and bile - I'm perhaps more upset for myself than for you, dear readers, that I did not. In addition there were many drunken nights and TV shows which could have also found their way onto these pages (although nowadays these things are probably more suited to my livejournal).
Hopefully, with the house move mainly complete and my work-frazzled head clearing any future concert going will be chronicled.

It's possible that some of these forthcoming gigs will be at the Buzzard venue. The nice lady who runs the Buffalo Bar has bought the old Purple Turtle in Mornington Crescent, renamed it the Buzzard (zoological theme throughout), and has some worthy acts to kick off the new club in style:

June 16th
Les Georges Leningrad
June 17th
The Chalets + Yuppee Flu
June 20th
Tom Vek + Young Knives
June 21st
The Wolfhounds
June 22nd
Be Your Own Pet
June 23rd
Kinski + Todd
June 24th
The Cherubs
THE BUZZARD (Formerly The Purple Turtle)
61 - 65 Crowndale Road
Camden NW1
020 7383 4976

Wow. LGL, BYOP, The Chalets and the Vek within a week!

Now, a request, does anyone have a leaked copy of the new Rakes album 'Capture/Release'?

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 Posted by Chris at June 1, 2005 04:40 PM |  Category: Life, Reviews


 matt says:

Les Georges Leningrad are really good and definately worth checking out. Another good band from Quebec.

June 11, 2005 05:08 AM
 Chris says:

You don't need to tell us how good LGL are Matt, they're touring around over here at the moment - and i'm v v excited about thursday...

June 13, 2005 09:45 AM
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