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Swish Blog Playlist Mix 30-06-05

June 30, 2005

Glastonbury and a relatively busy time at work have put these mixes on the back burner somewhat. Now they return, and will hopefully become a weekly occurrence once again. There's been a great response to them so far, and long may it continue - the way I see it a 15 track mix is just another way to sample music - I want this to be a two way recommendation service in the same way a normal music-blog works.

Most of the tracks on this weeks mix are the pick of the best music I've picked up in the past three weeks, some you may know, some you may not.
I'd particularly recommend Open Book by The Rakes, from their new album Capture/Release, London Beach / North Atlantic Turbine by Lovers Of Today - who seem to be a messy collection of musicians affiliated with New Cross' Angular Recording Corporation - like a jitter-pop British Sea Power, Music To Fuck Sluts To by Video Club who are yet another band in the Art Brut-network and have apparently been in the studio recently with Keith TOTP of Art Goblins.

I'd also recommend Black History Month by Death From Above 1979 that has been given the once over by Sammy Danger (of Test-Icicles fame); let's just say that only Test-Icicles style madness could make that song any better and, personally, I think he has.

Finally the CocoRosie track is heart-stoppingly beautiful and features that Antony and the Johnsons bloke/bird.

The Swish Blog, Weekly Playlist Mix, 30/06/05
High Quality 160kbps (71MB) | Low Quality 64kbps (24MB)
(Please right click and save-as)

1. Iggy - Acoustic Ladyland
2. Space Invaders - Arctic Monkeys
3. Sendai - Love Ends Disaster
4. Somewhere - The Subways
5. Open Book - The Rakes
6. Back History Month (Sammy Danger Remix) - Death From Above 1979
7. The Wives Of Artie Shaw - Kinski
8. Music To Fuck Sluts To - Video Club
9. London Beach / North Atlantic Turbine - Lovers Of Today
10. Dangerzone - Clor
11. Corned Beef - No Pets
12. Ditshe Tshiekutala - Konono Number 1
13. Beautiful Boyz - CocoRosie
14. Cracked Machine - Pro Forma
15. Micheal Jackson Knows God - Erol Alkan

Oh yeah, and if any of you get to the end of the mix - yes, I know - the Erol Alkan track is RUBBISH, completely unfinished. I only realised this after i'd mixed it in. Ho hum.

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What did I dream?

June 29, 2005

Just to expand on the Glastonbury photo post yesterday I thought I'd tell you which bands I saw during the weekend. The problem with seeing bands at Glastonbury is that it's almost impossible to make critical judgements on their quality; excluding of course the obviously terrible - like the story I heard of Bobby Gillespie of Primal Scream's foaming mouth-drug fuck performance on the Sunday.

Saturday I accidentally slept all morning, waking up at 2.30 - just as Art Brut were due to start - too late. I got to the John Peel stage as they played their final chords, luckily I'm seeing them this Friday so all is not lost. Anyway, straight after t'Brut The Rakes were on - if I'm honest the only band I really wanted to see all weekend - I'd just got hold of their new album and even though I'd seen them before I was excited in particular to hear new single Work, Work, Work (Pub, Club, Sleep). They were not disappointing in the slightest, believe me, even in my mid-afternoon half-comedown half-inebriated state I couldn't stop dancing like a donkey. They are still ending their sets with Just Got Paid, despite it's absence from the album, but it blew the whole tent away - everybody was doing the faux-ironic Ian Curtis dancing - the whole experience in fact was incredible.

Skip forward to Sunday afternoon, The Crown tent for Special Needs, part of the special Poptones line-up - which was generally a bit crap barring The Paddingtons, and the absent Carl Barat (what happened to him?) - and again they were well worth the trip. To the left, to the right… etc etc etc. Do wop brilliance.

OK, OK, here come the questions... Why did you go all the way to Glastonbury to see only two bands, both of which you've seen within the last two month? What about Coldplay? Or The White Stripes? The Go Team!? LCD Soundsystem? M.I.A.? Maximo Park? LCD Soundsystem? 2manydjs? Babyshambles???! ARRRrggggghhh!
Why go to Glastonbury to see bands? Honestly.

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Brown Toenails

June 28, 2005

Glastonbury was funny. Working was a bit more of a pain in the arse than I thought it would be; feel like you missing out much? Ridiclui. Angry people fought lots and my mood changed hourly.

1. The Tor.
2. I loved (and lost) (and found) my blue scarf.
3. I went 'papp', being official photographer for the presenter from Naked News as she paraded around the Green Fields.
4. Helen and Steve formed a drink-yourself-to-death partnership.
5. Kate Moss asked me where the Main Stage was.
6. Eddie Argos carried his tent through the throng on Friday night. Relocation, Relocation, Relocation.

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Where is the post?

June 20, 2005

No posts in ages? Itchy, flaky scalp? This will be rectified, hopefully before Glastonbury. Use Dandrabust!

EDIT: OK, OK, so I was lying. There will be no post (and no mix) before Glastonbury, I leave early tomorrow morning and am attending teenage-sexpot-screamers Be Your Own PET tonight at the Buzzard in Camden. Sorry.

P.s. I got The Rakes first - and Epworth-produced - album this morning (it's called Capture/Release) and it's brilliant. Every song is about having a hangover, i can relate to that shit.

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Swish Blog Playlist Mix 06-06-05

June 06, 2005

I'm very pleased with this week's mix. Even though the actual song segways aren't as well executed as some of my previous mixes (let's be honest, the 5th of May mix was peerless) the songs complement, blend and course so well that your attention is never lost; and there are some real crackers on there too.

The first song 'Relax' is yet another song off the new Scout Niblett album - which, like 'The New Fellas' by The Cribs is proving to be a top source of great songs - and it sets the stall. I've recently moved house, which I can assure you is a pain in the arse, consequently with this mix I had hoped to create a selection of songs which would help me relax and settle my nerves.

It gets really noisy in the middle of this with the Erase Errata remix, Diplo, Out Hud and The Juan MacLean which I think is super; and then gets even better with (apparently the next single from) The Rakes - a song which seems to sum up my life in one large gulp (and I'm sure does pretty well with most of yours as well) - closely followed by Rudiments by Milburn, a song recommended by the lovely Heather.

The Swish Blog, Weekly Playlist Mix, 06/06/05
High Quality 160kbps (54MB) | Low Quality 64kbps (22MB)
(Please right click and save-as)

1. Relax - Scout Niblett
2. Bisounours - CocoRosie
3. Stay Comfortable - Redjetson
4. Good Stuff - Clor
5. Monkeys In Space - Sexton Ming & Billy Childish
6. Retreat, The Most Familiar, Extensive, I Bet (Kid606 Remix) - Erase Errata
7. Haiti On Blast - Diplo
8. Tito's Way - The Juan MacLean
9. One Life To Leave - Out Hud
10. Talk Talk Talk Talk - Love Is All
11. Sin - C-Jags
12. Pub, Club, Sleep. Work, Work, Work (Session) - The Rakes
13. Don't Give Up - The Noisettes
14. Rudiments - Milburn
15. Not Everyone - Nine Black Alps

And finally, keep an ear out for a couple of appearences by the scariest TV character so far this year...

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Catch-up time

June 01, 2005

Restored, The Swish Blog seems a bit redundant to me at the moment. Hopefully you haven't noticed, but if you have I apologise. The thing is I just haven't had time to update recently, I've moved house, been stupidly busy at work, and a little bit ill; I'm afraid doing anything more than a fifteen track mix every week or so was far beyond me.

The thing is I've had loads of things that I could have (and should have) written about. I've been to a tonne of gigs, seeing many good (Twisted Charm, Objects, Death From Above 1979) and bad (Cazals, Dakar Rally, Metric) performances, which I would have loved to scribble about on here - this blog is, after all, my personal outlet of rainbows and bile - I'm perhaps more upset for myself than for you, dear readers, that I did not. In addition there were many drunken nights and TV shows which could have also found their way onto these pages (although nowadays these things are probably more suited to my livejournal).
Hopefully, with the house move mainly complete and my work-frazzled head clearing any future concert going will be chronicled.

It's possible that some of these forthcoming gigs will be at the Buzzard venue. The nice lady who runs the Buffalo Bar has bought the old Purple Turtle in Mornington Crescent, renamed it the Buzzard (zoological theme throughout), and has some worthy acts to kick off the new club in style:

June 16th
Les Georges Leningrad
June 17th
The Chalets + Yuppee Flu
June 20th
Tom Vek + Young Knives
June 21st
The Wolfhounds
June 22nd
Be Your Own Pet
June 23rd
Kinski + Todd
June 24th
The Cherubs
THE BUZZARD (Formerly The Purple Turtle)
61 - 65 Crowndale Road
Camden NW1
020 7383 4976

Wow. LGL, BYOP, The Chalets and the Vek within a week!

Now, a request, does anyone have a leaked copy of the new Rakes album 'Capture/Release'?

And finally, if you use Livejournal you can syndicate this site into your friends-list, click here.

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Issues resolved

Hello again! Hopefully you've noticed the site is back up and running again - apologies to all for the downtime, 20GB of bandwidth seemed more than enough when I bought it - expect a catch-up post later on today. In the meantime, welcome back!

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