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Swish Blog Playlist Mix 19-05-05

May 19, 2005

In parts this week's mix looks a bit like a setlist from some no-name indie disco, and for good reason: indie discos rule. There is no need for bullshit and pretense when 'Hey Scenesters' is blasting out across a dancefloor of sweaty teenagers screaming "you are all in trouble now, someones gonna cop it now" at each other – like hooligans in a riot, faceless and blameless – hence The Cribs are perfect to get it off to a start. You should all be fairly well familiar with many of the other bands on here too, most are big bands (and big business) now, and why shouldn't they be? This is pop, we are pop; our generation has managed something which hasn't happened since punk – we've taken back the music industry – the big labels are playing catch-up, and I say let them try, there's plenty of time to sell out once you've changed the world.

The Swish Blog, Weekly Playlist Mix, 19/05/05
High Quality 160kbps (52MB) | Low Quality 64kbps (21MB)

1. It Was Only Love - The Cribs
2. Royally Used - Sons And Daughters
3. Can I Unwind - The Blood Arm
4. Love Is A Deserter (Phones Remix) - The Kills
5. Fire Department - Be Your Own PET
6. From The Ritz To The Rubble - Arctic Monkeys
7. Things That Make The Morning Call - The Little Flames
8. God Is In The TV - 1984
9. Retreat (Live) - The Rakes
10. Ladyfingers (Snake Rib Remix) - The Fever
11. Fuck Treasure Island - Scout Niblett
12. Stray Talk - Maximo Park
13. Attention - Nine Black Alps
14. I Depend On Me - The Moogs
15. Be Good To Me – ESG

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Swish Blog Playlist Mix 12-05-05

May 12, 2005

This week has been one of highs and lows. Firstly the low of finding out Art Brut had missed the Top 40 singles chart by one place (and allegedly two copies!), which was (very) closely followed with sheer elation after finding that Liverpool had lost to Arsenal, giving Everton the fourth Champions League spot. Later on the high of meeting Amy Winehouse, and she was a real charmer too – bonus! In midweek came the low of watching Arsenal joke around with Everton; and finally was the high of having tomorrow off work (there are awards to be won and free wine to be drunk)!

So, hoping to end the week on a high I have made this mix – and bequest it to you – I hope it gives 7-0 style highs to all you Arsenal fans out there.
Making it was a tad labourious – I have a real job too after all – but I would especially recommend The Cribs track ‘Haunted’ at the end which is taken from their soon to be released / soon to be hailed-a-classic album; you should also check out Magazine’s ’The Light Pours Out Of Me’ which was recorded for a John Peel session in 1978.

The Swish Blog, Weekly Playlist Mix, 12/05/05
High Quality 160kbps (59MB) | Low Quality 64kbps (23MB)

1. Saiko Saiko San – Polysics
2. Wax My Anus – Chicks On Speed
3. What’d I Say – Ray Charles
4. In This Chair – Whiskeycats
5. Guns Of Brixton – Nouvelle Vague
6. Stand Down – Art Brut
7. Love Your Shoes – Furniture
8. Scene Damage – Test-Icicles
9. Little Girl (MasterKraft edit) – Death From Above 1979
10. Eight - ¡Forward Russia!
11. Broken Girl – Twisted Charm
12. Sweet Defeat – The Flesh
13. Poor Innocent Boys (demo) – Cazals
14. The Light Pours Out Of Me (session) – Magazine
15. Haunted – The Cribs

It seems I rushed this a bit and consequently forgot to change the ID3 tags and add the album art (which contains the tracklisting), if you'd like to add the tracklist yourself it's available here.

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Black Wire/Clor/Art Brut, Fabric, 15th April

May 08, 2005

There are some confused looks in the Fabric crowd tonight. A girl peers at the live bands stage for a moment before turning on her heel and asking where Jacques Le Cont is. A man next to me asks if it’s a Battle of the Bands night. A venue populated by mainly Ben Sherman shirts and glow sticks is not usually where you’d find any of Black Wire, Clor or Art Brut, but the Camden ‘Kill Em All and Let God Sort Em Out’ crew have taken over tonight. It may be messy.

Black Wire are the first to brave the stage. Their pretty boy looks win over a few of the girls and having a drum machine helps to win over some of the more dance loyal boys.

The lead singer of Clor looks creepily like Chris Martin when they released Shiver, but thankfully that’s about all they have in common. Though they’re another band with a drum machine, Clor scare many of the more curious Fabric regulars away. Dressed in leather, they’re not appealing to the fashionista crowd here either but they hardly need to, nor probably want to. Clor thunder unstoppably through the set, they do not smile, they simply throw out noise on top of noise until you have your shake your head quickly just to ground yourself again. The merciless pounding of drums and bass guitars is enough to inspire some dancing usually reserved for headbanging at office parties amongst the braver city workers.

Art Brut get the easiest option, playing after midnight there is barely a sober soul in the venue but they could have just as easily played 12 hours later to a room full of hungover heads and won just as many hearts. They won a few too many hearts possibly, an eager group of girls kept groping Eddie Argos’ groin during the set, and this was even before he ripped off his shirt. Art Brut are only one step away from having girls with banners at their gigs now.

Complete with new suits, new shirts, and a new album only weeks away, Art Brut are looking and sounding better than ever. Their next single, Emily Kane, tells of how Eddie just can’t over his girlfriend, though he hasn’t seen her in "10 years, 9 months, 3 weeks, 4 days, 6 hours, 13 minutes and 5 seconds". But as they launch into the single Eddie is on his knees, looking somewhat nervous, telling us the real Emily Kane is in the building. Maybe as an homage to teenage heartbreak songs, the set has far more "oohhs" and "aahhs"in the backing vocals than usual, giving it all a very cute 50s prom slant.

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Swish Blog Playlist Mix 05-05-05

May 05, 2005

My life has been very uninteresting recently, well not too bad for me personally, but far too boring for me to write about on here; hence the lack of entries. I have, however, been able to make a new mix tape for this week which is available to download below (please right click and save as and don’t stream it kills my bandwidth allocation).

I’ve also recruited a new writer, Helen from Popstar Feets is going to be contributing gig reviews and the like to this site (mainly so I can put my feet up), so expect a post from her in the next couple of days.

Ok here’s the mix for you all, again my week has been rather barren musically speaking so most of the tracks were filched and ripped from other musicblogs and artist websites, apologies if you’ve heard or downloaded any of the tracks recently. I’d also like to apologise that there are only 14 tracks – I’m very tired – I really didn’t realise until far too late in the process.

The Swish Blog Weekly Playlist Mix, 05/05/05
High Quality 160kbps (52MB) | Low Quality 64kbps (21MB)

1. Nine - ¡Forward Russia!
2. Circle, Square, Triangle - Test-icicles
3. Straight Edging (Remix) - No Pets
4. She's Not Leaving - The Research
5. A Happy Medium - Malcolm Middleton
6. Automatic Lock - Black Candy
7. Weekdays Are Schooldays, Weekends Are Mine - The Rollstons
8. From The Begining - New Rhodes
9. You'll Change - Clor
10. Unsold Thoughts - Keith
11. Pomali Ptaci - Petr Nikl & Lakome Barky
12. Another Number (Rollercoaster Project Mix) - The Cribs
13. Cassette - The Glimmers
14. Black Cotton Sweater - Ethan Lipton

As usual if you would like any information on any of the artists featured don't hesitate to contact me and I’ll see what I can do. However I am now unable to take requests for individual mp3s of each track, it was taking far too much of my time.

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