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The B Plan Blew My Mind (A Little)

April 08, 2005

Last night I was blown away by The B Plan. All I'd known of them before last night was that singer Baco (Peter Bacon?) is the bassist is Dustin's Bar Mitzvah – and that he does a pretty good job of singing on 'Kick Him Out' - and a few tracks which are available on their website.

As it is at the moment I know very little more about them than I did then, except after their gig at Stylish Riots at the Rhythm Factory last night, I now know that they are so much more than a Dustin's Bar Mitzvah side project.

Set opener 'Come Back Soon' is a storming singalong classic, the drum and bass lines drag you up out of your slump and into the real world in a way reminiscent of 'Pounding' by the Doves, or something by Minutemen.
Unlike Dustin's they are led primarily by the Rhythm section (as opposed to the thrash-your-guitar-till-it-breaks style employed by DBM), every song they play bangs on your brain like a tribal drum whilst Baco calmly emotes over the top about lost-loves and sleeping around.

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