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New Weekly Playlist Mix

April 19, 2005

Here's a new swish-mix for you downloading pleasure - I know it seems too soon (considering the last one went up on Sunday night) but the actual list of songs for that mix has been available on my weekly playlist blog for over a week.

This week is a mix of really new and some reasonably old stuff, but it ebbs and flows quite nicely I think.

The Swish Blog, Weekly Playlist Mix, 19/04/05
High Quality 160kbps (58MB) | Low Quality 64kbps (23MB)

1. Blue Orchid - The White Stripes
2. My Oh My - The Rumble Strips
3. Electric Shake - Be Your Own PET
4. Wait - Ying Yang Twins
5. Bez Nadsazky - Nase Vec
6. The Secrets Of Civilisation - The Rogers Sisters
7. Medicine - Sons & Daughters
8. Future Of Circles (Demo) - Action Plan
9. She Said No (Demo) - New Rhodes
10. Running Out Of Time - Hot Hot Heat
11. Mummy Trade - Busted
12. Formed A Band - Art Brut 3.14
13. Moving To L.A. - Art Brut
14. The Whistler - The Magnetix
15. Scag Lover - The White Sport

You may also have noticed that I got rid of the mid-quality version (128kbps); if this was a big problem for you comment and I may consider bringing it back.

 Posted by Chris at April 19, 2005 04:40 PM |  Category: Mixes, Playlists

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