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FREE BOOZE and some photos...

April 15, 2005

Apparently Roger Sergeant charges a fortune to do a photoshoot for a band; and then he tries to sell prints to unsuspecting media workers for £200 quid a pop. I've got a camera, any bands out there want a photoshoot doing?

Last night we went to his exhibition opening at Proud Gallery in Camden, and in my boozed-head it was brilliant. I imagined it to be similar to gallery openings from the swinging sixties, full of crap celebrities and hangers-on. In thirty years time I want to be able to say "I was at the Roger Sergeant exhibition back in 2005 - or the swinging noughties as we used to call them - and it was crazy! People we're drinking bottles of Carling like there was no tomorrow! Such debauchery." I can't wait till I'm old.

Well it wasn't exactly like that; Kasabian, some of the artists formally known as The Libertines, the Queens of Noize and that guy from The Boyfriends were there, but it all felt a bit contrived. Some bands played: Metro Riots were awesome, Dogs were ignored, and Carl Barat only Djed - which upset me as I'd expected a little bit of shambling with a guitar after his comments in the NME this week.

However, Popstar Feets actually went POP (as opposed to Indie-Nonentity Feets); upcoming posts will feature Kasabian, The Killers, Carl Libertine, Gary Libertine and George Bush. Beat that Popjustice.com.

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