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Arctic Monkeys MP3s

April 05, 2005

The Dublin Castle in Camden plays host to Sheffield-super-kids Arctic Monkeys tonight, and I have tickets! This, I can assure you, makes me significantly more excited than should be permitted for a man to feel about four teenage boys; but they are just so damn good. Fresh-faced singer Alex Turner is as bright-eyed and bushy-tailed as they come, his youthful exuberance and wide-eyed outlook on the world gives each song a sort of vitality – every one telling a story that has not only happened to him, but to everyone else on the planet. Simple themes, simply told.

Hopefully I’ll write a big old report of the gig in the next couple of days, but in the meantime you should get stuck into some of their music. A number of MP3s from the most recent demo (and some from a live show) are available here www.ilovethesheriff.com. The songs on most recent demo, ‘Beneath The Boardwalk’, are in most people’s opinion their best songs, and I tend to agree, but I managed to get my hands on an earlier recording. It has a completely different set of songs on it, bristling with the same sort of intensity and story-telling prowess of the newer ones – but rarer!

Arctic Monkeys – Choo Choo (Demo)
Arctic Monkeys – On The Run From The MI5 (Demo)

There’s also quite a nice little BBC South Yorkshire article that I’d recommend to read here.

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