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Pleasure Unit / Helvissa / V V & the V's

March 02, 2005

The last week has been somewhat empty in terms of gigage; shoe-girl and I missed the Q-o-N night with The Pipettes and The Long Blondes due to illness, and we missed The Mystery Jets at the Pleasure Unit on Monday due to overheating, and boredom. We were actually at the venue for the gig, and we saw the 15 year old school band (band-name unknown), and the band which I think may have been New Rising Sun due to the obvious (and frankly, blatant) Hendrix references – they were beset by sound problems, and instead of stopping for a couple of seconds to sort them out, decided to carry on regardless. My ears are still ringing three days later. Anyway, I took some photos of them because despite the awful sound they seemed quite good.

We also saw Dustin’s Bar Mitzvah who were excellent, if a little lackadaisical - excuses provided were “we were in the studio all day and we’re knackered”. Turns out they weren’t lying and the results are available to one and all here http://www.dustins.co.uk - Billy and Goldhawk Road are the new ones so don’t miss out.

Vincent Vincent and the Villains have been plying their post-ska rockabilly trade for a short while around London. I have yet to see them (despite them featuring heavily in my ‘gigs I must go to’ list each week); but I’ve heard that it’s a real treat. They have two songs to download from their website http://www.vincentvincentandthevillains.com/, but the direct links are sometimes difficult to find, so I’ll provide them here:
Vincent Vincent and the Villains – On My Own
Vincent Vincent and the Villains – B-Side Baby

Helvissa are from somewhere in the west midlands and seem to attempt a sort of sub-art brut drone rock. There’s quirkiness, but also the obvious heroin-rock+JAMC influences milling about in these (rather badly recorded) tracks. There are soon to be releasing an EP on the lostmusic label, ran by the knowledgeable and gracious Trev@lostmusic.co.uk, but there are a lot of tracks still available at soundclick
if you can’t be arsed with the sign-up process there here is one of the tracks from that site, which I think may interest a few of you (especially if you’re reading this on Livejournal; you bunch of weirdoes) – because y’know everybody’s doing it…
Helvissa – Everybody’s Writing That Slash Fic

n.b. I wrote this post whilst slightly drunk and slightly ill (hope it not avian flu) so apologies to all offended.

One final thought: after almost two weeks of Hunter S Thompson eulogies, the question remains to be answered. Was Gonzo journalism the forbearer of blogging?

Shit, I really am drunk.

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