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(Late) Camden Crawl post

March 14, 2005

I was geeking myself senseless this weekend, ending up completely goggle-eyed after working on the Popstar Feets redesign non-stop. Helen wants it ready for the (promised, but not confirmed) NME feature on the shuffle page of this week’s upcoming issue. She drew me a picture of how she wanted it to look and then left me to it; anyway, I’m not bitter (or suffering from blog-envy), so if you want to look at the new design before it’s unleashed on the world then look here.

If I’m honest, I suspect that I’ve left my Camden Crawl post a little late for it to be relevant, or even interesting to most of you who have probably already been bogged down with hundred upon hundred of CC ‘reports’. So, I have decided that today will be the first ‘bullet-point-post’ on The Swish Blog (although I do admit that certain previous posts have not been far off the mark – especially hungover ones).

Camden Crawl 2005
1. Stupid ticketing arrangements.
· On the tickets it said you could pick up your wristbands at KOKO or The Bucks Head, so we went to KOKO, and they said we could only pick them up at The Bucks Head. Wha?

2. Then we went to Lock 17 for Art Brut
· Art Brut were really good, but I spent the entire set (and I mean ENTIRE SET) at the bar waiting to get served. We found Jack, Candy and Steve – then Helen and I had to down our double vodkas (plus top up vodka from hip flask) really quick, as we were leaving.

3. At this point I thought the night was going to disappoint. It had been a bad start.

4. We then headed over to the Dublin Castle for The Chalets.
· We had an eye on the rest of the night when doing this; next on were The Cribs, and after them Graham Coxon; and with Dublin Castle being the smallest venue on the crawl we expected a certain amount of over-subscription.
· The Chalets were excellent, the cute irish front-girls were wearing bowties.

5. The Cribs were up next; vodka had now well and truly taken hold within the group, Helen seemingly in some sort of 40% Proof haze – staring at the speakers and her feet.
· The Cribs set enjoyed many stage invasions, stage dives and complaints about sore throats, but were excellent. It was the first time I’d seen them (despite my dreams being sound-tracked by Another Number and Direction for the past year and a half), and I was not disappointed.

6. For some strange vodka-fuelled reason we then decided to leave our much sought-after Dublin Castle floor space (Coxon was about to go on), to attempt entry to the Barfly for Le Tigre.
· However on the way we ‘received word’ that the queue was huge and no-one was getting in, so we turned back around and walked to the other end of town for Hope of the States playing an acoustic set in The Purple Turtle.
· This provided an amazing opportunity to ‘have a nice sit down’ in the big seats upstairs, which I took full advantage of, whilst Helen still high on a vodka-rush buzzed about the place talking to a number of south coast music-artistes.

7. We then headed the Barfly for the DJs.
· It turned out it was John Kennedy from XFM: great! He played absolute crap music, starting at about 2003 and working backwards: shit!
· Here I’d like to make a point about the quality of the Djing in general. Sure I understand that the people who came to the crawl were eclectic in taste, and the Djs had to cater for that. However, I HEARD THE LOSTPROPHETS 3 TIMES!! On one occasion two of their tracks were played in a row!

8. After muchos dancing on benches and the like, we headed to the Electric Ballroom and it was rubbish.

Ok that’s the end of the night (except for when we were waiting for the bus and I called this really nice young goth lad a xenophobe and a racist as a joke – which he didn’t get), and I’ve just realised that my short-bullet-pointed-post idea didn’t really work. It turned out a bit heftier than I had imagined it would. Sorry.

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 trev says:

Popstars feet? I have a few retro shots. Does shoe girl take contributions?

Glad I missed the camden crawl to be honest. That many people. That much vodka. Would have sent me dizzy.

March 14, 2005 06:47 PM
 Chris says:

No Trev - Popstar Feets, not Popstars Feet.

She does accept contributions, email them over to her (also include a verification shot of their faces etc - we don't want to foot lie now)


March 14, 2005 07:39 PM
 palmer_eldritch says:

That sounded like an insane evening - I'll be checking out the Chalets, though, they sound excellent.

March 23, 2005 09:05 AM
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