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Dustin's Bar Mitzvah Single Launch

March 10, 2005

An absence of shoe girls last night meant that I attended the Dustin’s Bar Mitzvah single launch party (Jimmy White / Lucy) with my good friend ‘Dave of the 1’. I ate an extremely salty pizza (I hate anchovies, so why did I order them?), drank a few too many beers, and met Trev from lostmusic - all was good with the world (until this morning when I woke up).

First up were Larrikin Love, a band of clichés and music which quickly became uninteresting. The highlight of their set was a jaunty little Irish jig number; which maintained its allure mainly because it only lasted a minute and a half.
I didn’t hate them – not enough to stab them anyway - but they quickly bored me, which in turn led to heavier drinking; so they are in some part at fault for my headache right now.

Next were The Rank Deluxe who I’d heard a lot about previously mainly down to John Kennedy’s (XFM) enthusiasm for them. I’d got the mpfrees off their website and enjoyed them immensely. Live however, they were not at all how I had expected them to sound. The pork pie-Ian Dury bopping I had expected morphed into a much more ‘rock’ and mainstream – a gruff-voiced Feeder perhaps – which, if I’m honest, disappointed me a little.

The Fades have been written about on this site many a time before so I wont go into them in detail here. But let me just say that they impressed me so much more than on previous occasions; ending on the riotous CaCa they pretty much set the mood for the rest of the night. A great way to set up Dustin’s for their hour of glory.

Dustin’s ran up and down the venue doing nothing in particular for a while immediately before taking the stage, whilst the Pyrrha girls played excellent 60s rock and roll music. By the time they went up the place was pretty much full and everyone seemed pretty damn excited (as opposed to past Dustin’s gigs, where crowd agitation has usually been a product of fear rather than anticipation), and they didn’t let anyone down. Spitting, growling and insulting throughout, the performance also included stage-diving, crowd-invasions and mike stand-loss; they played the longest set I’ve ever seen them play, and at the end you were left wanting more. Jimmy White was played for the ‘last time ever’, and ever other song splashed along with far more verve and fortitude than ever before. It was their night; and it could also have been the turning point – from the bastard oiks that everyone loves to hate, to the great white hope – a future for this band suddenly seems a much firmer proposition.

We went home at this point, so apologies to Action Plan and The Lisa Moorish Experience; I was wasted and was almost sick on the District line.

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 chris says:

oh my god. i can't believe I wrote that about Larrikin Love. I've seen them twice since then and all I can say is - I WAS WRONG!

October 28, 2005 11:33 AM
 kev says:

are you still mad with me???

k x

October 28, 2005 12:21 PM
 JiggaDigga says:

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Peace, JiggaDigga

April 7, 2006 05:37 AM
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