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March 15, 2005

A quick Camden Crawl follow-up post (with mp3s!) for your delectation today. Especially for those of you who were unable to make it, or for those who simply went to see different bands than myself.

The Chalets – Theme From Chalets
Sadly, when The Chalets were playing, I was far more concerned with drinking than actually watching them – although I did hear an awful lot and they were quite excellent. I’d expected them to be an exciting and colourful proposition after seeing their shoes on Helen’s site.
They apparently named their bands after a trip to All Tomorrow's Parties at Camber Sands – the best festival accommodation ever, ever – and they seem to have attempted to extend ATP’s influence to their music. By rights they are a synth / guitar crossover band, but none of that really matters because in essence what they do is pure unadulterated party music. Every song they play makes your feet shuffle and your hips shake; every song leaves you with a massive smile on your face.
At the Camden Crawl gig the two front girls were wearing some sort of maid-outfit & bowtie combo, and if that’s not something to smile about I don’t know what is – The Chalets came to serve, and aim to please.
Website: thechalets.com
Buy it from: Amazon

The Cribs – Another Number (Demo)
I read certain malicious comments on the web recently about The Cribs being a scummy Yorkshire Noise Next Door - three brothers with an instrument each and questionable looks. Well I disagree; they are more like Hanson – three brothers with an instrument each and good looks.
On record their melodic and lovely Smiths via the garage rock explosion sound is so easy to sing along to, you find yourself mouthing the words even if you don’t know them. Live they are a much more energetic and strident experience, but that’s what so great about The Cribs, most of their songs would sound just as good sat down with an acoustic guitar as they do with electric guitar aloft whilst crowd-surfing.
Website: thecribs.com
Buy it from: Amazon

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