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Be Your Own PET.. plus The Rakes Vid!

March 29, 2005

Last Thursday a group of my friends and I (collectively known as ‘the gang’) went down to Infinity to see Be Your Own PET, Test-Icicles and Semi-Finalists. Most of you Britishy-type people will already know that last Thursday was the last day before the excellent religious-plus-skiving public holiday known as Easter bank holiday weekend; and being relatively new to full-time employment I was eex-sigh-teed about the prospect of getting drunk on a Thursday night without worrying of the consequences.

After the obligatory queue debacle we slid into the venue only to find that Semi-Finalists were towards the end of their set. So, rather than start to form opinions on half-cooked evidence we headed to the bar and got completely blotto.
Anyway, the real anticipation was for the final two acts – I wanted complete and utter freaking out from Test-icicles (like, can you even have hardcore funk?), and I wanted Be Your Own PET not to be an absolute mess ‘in the live setting’.

The last time I had seen Test-Icicles they only played three songs because they were the only ones they had figured out how to play live, but despite that they absolutely blew me away. Beforehand that gig I had suspected that I would leave sore-eared and disappointed but nothing was further from the truth – they were thrilling – bounding across the stage whilst belting out perfectly timed rock riffs, punk-funk rhythms and hardcore screaming.
At Infinity I had expected exactly the same, but with more songs! Sadly two songs into the set the Dev’s keyboard playing became erratic and then he collapsed onto the floor. The drum machine was quickly switched off, and help was called to the stage. To find out what happened and for the more squeamish amongst you - click here - and for the incredibly hardcore-gore-philes amongst you - click here - ooh, that’s nasty.

Next (and now being watched through an alcohol-induced haze) were Be Your Own PET – officially the most hyped band in the entire world NME this week! A lot has been said previously about their: energy, youth, beauty, catchy songs and hair – all of which turned out to be true; but the real reason for the hype was obviously the singer, Jemina. She’s young (17 or 18 I think), pretty, blonde, skinny and has the sort of stage presence Juliette Lewis would kill for. I was transfixed for the entire gig (much to the delight of my girlfriend I can assure you), and you can bet your bottom dollar that any other heterosexual male writers would have been to. It all pointed towards something great for the future - as if you’d seen Wayne Rooney play in the Everton Reserves in 2001 – this could be like watching Debbie Harry in a pub in Rotherham before Blondie were signed. Jumping on this bandwagon, suddenly seemed like a good idea, and I would suspect that many others are thinking this too. “I liked The Audience BEFORE they changed their name to Sophie Ellis Bextor!”

Finally, another outing for the much-maligned Swish Video Player if you’re using Macs or Firefox I’m not sure if it works, try it in IE. Anyway, it’s not even my code – I stole it!! Ha ha ha!

Brand new video for ‘Retreat’ by The Rakes click here!

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 FBA(isdead) says:

Where do i comment, where where here?

I haven't been here in ages and forever (my obsession levels are running low)but gosh, the things you miss when you're hiding out in homo bars in E1. You make me laugh, you make me smile and you make me admire the loveliness of words, syntax, structure, sense. Well done Swish.

The Spitz has stolen my soul and The Boy has sucked my ability to write pretty binternet blogs.


A comeback is on the cards, a reunion should be arranged, and a big kiss blown over to the boy 'bougu. Miss ya's.


April 3, 2005 03:42 PM
 Chris says:

Sorry to hear of low obsession levels, get out of the homo bars! However Swish appreciates your love of syntax, structure & sense.

Make a new LJ, and don't let him find it this time. duh.


April 4, 2005 12:31 PM
 Heather from Hollywood says:

glad to see Be Your Own Pet has caught your attention :)
They were the 1st band I brought to LA to showcase for the label president.

I took them to meet Rodney Bigenheimer (KROQ dj) @ Canters Restaurant. (Jemina spoke of this in the NME arcticle - hahaha)

I love this band. They will be massive. :-D

April 6, 2005 04:49 PM
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