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Tv - Love Ends Disaster

March 31, 2005

1. TV - Love Ends Disaster
2. Electric Shake - Be Your Own PET
3. Beauty Scars - Action Plan
4. Falling Out True Love Is Blind - Louis XIV
5. She Said No - New Rhodes
6. Older (Acoustic) - The Moogs
7. North London Nightmare (Live) - The Rocks
8. Reinvent Myself - The Holloways
9. Shallow Girl - The Schla La Las
10. Stand By My Man - The Research
11. No Sex Please, We're British - The Fuckwits
12. Watching - 10,000 Things
13. My Oh My - The Rumble Strips
14. Four In the Morning - Scratch Card Junkie
15. Butcher Of Hollywood (Live) - Metro Riots

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Be Your Own PET.. plus The Rakes Vid!

March 29, 2005

Last Thursday a group of my friends and I (collectively known as ‘the gang’) went down to Infinity to see Be Your Own PET, Test-Icicles and Semi-Finalists. Most of you Britishy-type people will already know that last Thursday was the last day before the excellent religious-plus-skiving public holiday known as Easter bank holiday weekend; and being relatively new to full-time employment I was eex-sigh-teed about the prospect of getting drunk on a Thursday night without worrying of the consequences.

After the obligatory queue debacle we slid into the venue only to find that Semi-Finalists were towards the end of their set. So, rather than start to form opinions on half-cooked evidence we headed to the bar and got completely blotto.
Anyway, the real anticipation was for the final two acts – I wanted complete and utter freaking out from Test-icicles (like, can you even have hardcore funk?), and I wanted Be Your Own PET not to be an absolute mess ‘in the live setting’.

The last time I had seen Test-Icicles they only played three songs because they were the only ones they had figured out how to play live, but despite that they absolutely blew me away. Beforehand that gig I had suspected that I would leave sore-eared and disappointed but nothing was further from the truth – they were thrilling – bounding across the stage whilst belting out perfectly timed rock riffs, punk-funk rhythms and hardcore screaming.
At Infinity I had expected exactly the same, but with more songs! Sadly two songs into the set the Dev’s keyboard playing became erratic and then he collapsed onto the floor. The drum machine was quickly switched off, and help was called to the stage. To find out what happened and for the more squeamish amongst you - click here - and for the incredibly hardcore-gore-philes amongst you - click here - ooh, that’s nasty.

Next (and now being watched through an alcohol-induced haze) were Be Your Own PET – officially the most hyped band in the entire world NME this week! A lot has been said previously about their: energy, youth, beauty, catchy songs and hair – all of which turned out to be true; but the real reason for the hype was obviously the singer, Jemina. She’s young (17 or 18 I think), pretty, blonde, skinny and has the sort of stage presence Juliette Lewis would kill for. I was transfixed for the entire gig (much to the delight of my girlfriend I can assure you), and you can bet your bottom dollar that any other heterosexual male writers would have been to. It all pointed towards something great for the future - as if you’d seen Wayne Rooney play in the Everton Reserves in 2001 – this could be like watching Debbie Harry in a pub in Rotherham before Blondie were signed. Jumping on this bandwagon, suddenly seemed like a good idea, and I would suspect that many others are thinking this too. “I liked The Audience BEFORE they changed their name to Sophie Ellis Bextor!”

Finally, another outing for the much-maligned Swish Video Player if you’re using Macs or Firefox I’m not sure if it works, try it in IE. Anyway, it’s not even my code – I stole it!! Ha ha ha!

Brand new video for ‘Retreat’ by The Rakes click here!

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The Troubles Of Keneat - The Violets

March 22, 2005

1. The Troubles Of Keneat - The Violets
2. Walking Past 27 Pictures Of An Ex-Girlfriend - Snow White
3. Choo Choo - Arctic Monkeys
4. Punker Plus - Le Tigre
5. Lizzie's Lion - Mystery Jets
6. My Oh My - The Rumble Strips
7. Chapel Of White - Nigga Bullshit
8. Shot Down - Nine Black Alps
9. Come Back Soon - The B Plan
10. One I Want, All I Need - Junkbox
11. Poor Innocent Boys - Cazals
12. Dogsbody - 10,000 Things
13. This Awful Morning - Cherubs
14. Ashtray - Die, Die, Die
15. Over The Middle Bridge - Swearing At Motorists

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Bank holiday choices

Easter bank holiday weekend has thrown up a few dilemmas in terms of gigging over-subscription.

Initially Circus at the Elbow Room with Eastern Lane, The Cherubs, Vincent Vincent & the Villains, Crash Convention and Twisted Charm on Thursday night had seemed an unbeatable line-up. That was until I heard of the Be Your Own Pet, Test-Icicles and Semi-Finalists gig for The Birthday Club at Infinity. My Fan-boy Test-icicles crush and Jemina Abegg obsession (which has been in effect for the month and a half I have known BYOP exist) far outweigh my desire to see VVVs, who are the only band on the other bill I have yet to see. Ultimately I’m a sucker for pretty Americans and Jemina (BYOP) and Sam (TI) truly have me on a leash, a damn damn leash (ha).

Friday is even more difficult with a choice having to be made between The Pipettes & Ciccone (amongst others) at The Windmill in Brixton, and The Long Blondes & The Homewreckers Club at The Pleasure Unit (ChloeRock). I’m hoping there’s a possibility of gig-hopping in this case, but I worry a choice will have to be made between respective headliners The Long Blondes and The Pipettes, which just isn’t cricket.

So, any suggestions?

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The Violets

March 17, 2005

On Tuesday shoe gurl and I attended ‘trocker again. We met people from the internet, got far too drunk for a week night, laughed at people behind their backs a bit, and as usual for ‘trocker we scooted off early cos we got bored / wanted to catch the train.

We saw The Violets and (some of) The “Hey, we’re from Hollywood” Flash Express. The Violets were good as usual, but it’s late in the day and I’m tired, so I won’t comment any further than that. However, I do have some photos which I took.

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The Following Post is...

March 16, 2005

Today: a number of links for you to have a quick gander at. I found them interesting. You probably wont.


Fantabulous bite-back at the Colleen Rooney haterzzz.


A big list of clichés about bloggers. Actually I think posting the link to this is in fact listed as a blogging cliché itself. Damn.


Babyshambles are playing Frog at Nambucca. So what?


It’s well known that a lot of American (read NYC) bloggers enjoy the sounds of M.I.A. (in the same way that they collectively went after The Arcade Fire towards the end of last year). It was a major surprise to me however that a blogging stand-up comedian was able to ask, “You guys heard of M.I.A.?” at one of his stand-up shows, and for everybody to nod their heads in agreement. [watch the video]

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March 15, 2005

A quick Camden Crawl follow-up post (with mp3s!) for your delectation today. Especially for those of you who were unable to make it, or for those who simply went to see different bands than myself.

The Chalets – Theme From Chalets
Sadly, when The Chalets were playing, I was far more concerned with drinking than actually watching them – although I did hear an awful lot and they were quite excellent. I’d expected them to be an exciting and colourful proposition after seeing their shoes on Helen’s site.
They apparently named their bands after a trip to All Tomorrow's Parties at Camber Sands – the best festival accommodation ever, ever – and they seem to have attempted to extend ATP’s influence to their music. By rights they are a synth / guitar crossover band, but none of that really matters because in essence what they do is pure unadulterated party music. Every song they play makes your feet shuffle and your hips shake; every song leaves you with a massive smile on your face.
At the Camden Crawl gig the two front girls were wearing some sort of maid-outfit & bowtie combo, and if that’s not something to smile about I don’t know what is – The Chalets came to serve, and aim to please.
Website: thechalets.com
Buy it from: Amazon

The Cribs – Another Number (Demo)
I read certain malicious comments on the web recently about The Cribs being a scummy Yorkshire Noise Next Door - three brothers with an instrument each and questionable looks. Well I disagree; they are more like Hanson – three brothers with an instrument each and good looks.
On record their melodic and lovely Smiths via the garage rock explosion sound is so easy to sing along to, you find yourself mouthing the words even if you don’t know them. Live they are a much more energetic and strident experience, but that’s what so great about The Cribs, most of their songs would sound just as good sat down with an acoustic guitar as they do with electric guitar aloft whilst crowd-surfing.
Website: thecribs.com
Buy it from: Amazon

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(Late) Camden Crawl post

March 14, 2005

I was geeking myself senseless this weekend, ending up completely goggle-eyed after working on the Popstar Feets redesign non-stop. Helen wants it ready for the (promised, but not confirmed) NME feature on the shuffle page of this week’s upcoming issue. She drew me a picture of how she wanted it to look and then left me to it; anyway, I’m not bitter (or suffering from blog-envy), so if you want to look at the new design before it’s unleashed on the world then look here.

If I’m honest, I suspect that I’ve left my Camden Crawl post a little late for it to be relevant, or even interesting to most of you who have probably already been bogged down with hundred upon hundred of CC ‘reports’. So, I have decided that today will be the first ‘bullet-point-post’ on The Swish Blog (although I do admit that certain previous posts have not been far off the mark – especially hungover ones).

Camden Crawl 2005
1. Stupid ticketing arrangements.
· On the tickets it said you could pick up your wristbands at KOKO or The Bucks Head, so we went to KOKO, and they said we could only pick them up at The Bucks Head. Wha?

2. Then we went to Lock 17 for Art Brut
· Art Brut were really good, but I spent the entire set (and I mean ENTIRE SET) at the bar waiting to get served. We found Jack, Candy and Steve – then Helen and I had to down our double vodkas (plus top up vodka from hip flask) really quick, as we were leaving.

3. At this point I thought the night was going to disappoint. It had been a bad start.

4. We then headed over to the Dublin Castle for The Chalets.
· We had an eye on the rest of the night when doing this; next on were The Cribs, and after them Graham Coxon; and with Dublin Castle being the smallest venue on the crawl we expected a certain amount of over-subscription.
· The Chalets were excellent, the cute irish front-girls were wearing bowties.

5. The Cribs were up next; vodka had now well and truly taken hold within the group, Helen seemingly in some sort of 40% Proof haze – staring at the speakers and her feet.
· The Cribs set enjoyed many stage invasions, stage dives and complaints about sore throats, but were excellent. It was the first time I’d seen them (despite my dreams being sound-tracked by Another Number and Direction for the past year and a half), and I was not disappointed.

6. For some strange vodka-fuelled reason we then decided to leave our much sought-after Dublin Castle floor space (Coxon was about to go on), to attempt entry to the Barfly for Le Tigre.
· However on the way we ‘received word’ that the queue was huge and no-one was getting in, so we turned back around and walked to the other end of town for Hope of the States playing an acoustic set in The Purple Turtle.
· This provided an amazing opportunity to ‘have a nice sit down’ in the big seats upstairs, which I took full advantage of, whilst Helen still high on a vodka-rush buzzed about the place talking to a number of south coast music-artistes.

7. We then headed the Barfly for the DJs.
· It turned out it was John Kennedy from XFM: great! He played absolute crap music, starting at about 2003 and working backwards: shit!
· Here I’d like to make a point about the quality of the Djing in general. Sure I understand that the people who came to the crawl were eclectic in taste, and the Djs had to cater for that. However, I HEARD THE LOSTPROPHETS 3 TIMES!! On one occasion two of their tracks were played in a row!

8. After muchos dancing on benches and the like, we headed to the Electric Ballroom and it was rubbish.

Ok that’s the end of the night (except for when we were waiting for the bus and I called this really nice young goth lad a xenophobe and a racist as a joke – which he didn’t get), and I’ve just realised that my short-bullet-pointed-post idea didn’t really work. It turned out a bit heftier than I had imagined it would. Sorry.

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Dustin's Bar Mitzvah Single Launch

March 10, 2005

An absence of shoe girls last night meant that I attended the Dustin’s Bar Mitzvah single launch party (Jimmy White / Lucy) with my good friend ‘Dave of the 1’. I ate an extremely salty pizza (I hate anchovies, so why did I order them?), drank a few too many beers, and met Trev from lostmusic - all was good with the world (until this morning when I woke up).

First up were Larrikin Love, a band of clichés and music which quickly became uninteresting. The highlight of their set was a jaunty little Irish jig number; which maintained its allure mainly because it only lasted a minute and a half.
I didn’t hate them – not enough to stab them anyway - but they quickly bored me, which in turn led to heavier drinking; so they are in some part at fault for my headache right now.

Next were The Rank Deluxe who I’d heard a lot about previously mainly down to John Kennedy’s (XFM) enthusiasm for them. I’d got the mpfrees off their website and enjoyed them immensely. Live however, they were not at all how I had expected them to sound. The pork pie-Ian Dury bopping I had expected morphed into a much more ‘rock’ and mainstream – a gruff-voiced Feeder perhaps – which, if I’m honest, disappointed me a little.

The Fades have been written about on this site many a time before so I wont go into them in detail here. But let me just say that they impressed me so much more than on previous occasions; ending on the riotous CaCa they pretty much set the mood for the rest of the night. A great way to set up Dustin’s for their hour of glory.

Dustin’s ran up and down the venue doing nothing in particular for a while immediately before taking the stage, whilst the Pyrrha girls played excellent 60s rock and roll music. By the time they went up the place was pretty much full and everyone seemed pretty damn excited (as opposed to past Dustin’s gigs, where crowd agitation has usually been a product of fear rather than anticipation), and they didn’t let anyone down. Spitting, growling and insulting throughout, the performance also included stage-diving, crowd-invasions and mike stand-loss; they played the longest set I’ve ever seen them play, and at the end you were left wanting more. Jimmy White was played for the ‘last time ever’, and ever other song splashed along with far more verve and fortitude than ever before. It was their night; and it could also have been the turning point – from the bastard oiks that everyone loves to hate, to the great white hope – a future for this band suddenly seems a much firmer proposition.

We went home at this point, so apologies to Action Plan and The Lisa Moorish Experience; I was wasted and was almost sick on the District line.

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The young and the new...

March 09, 2005

So here it is! The all-new Swish Blog - Movable-Typed and re-designed – it took me bloody ages so please comment if you think it’s crap / find a bug. Thankyou.

Anyway, my life has been conspicuously devoid of gigs for the past week and a half, mainly due to illness and the slow progress of a general gig-apathy that seems to have taken over me. I went to Frog on Saturday night, and didn’t watch the Soho Dolls - mainly because I didn’t even like that Prince Harry track; apparently their only good song – but I did see Lizzy Jagger (along with every other tom, dick and harry.)

Since then I’ve tried to relax as much as possible to prepare myself for the big weekend of joy (and financial ruin); if you’re anywhere near London from tonight onwards you shouldn’t miss the following…

Tonight: The Dustin’s Bar Mitzvah single launch party. Kill City, Action Plan, Rank Deluxe, The Fades, Larrikin Love and Jamie T. (Incidentally The Cribs and Black Wire at Infinity ran a very close second on this one)

Thursday: The Camden Crawl – I need say no more.

Friday: loads of things on as usual but if you’ve got any pop-superstar fan-boy tendencies you won’t miss Charlie Fightstar Djing at 333 in Hoxton.

Saturday: Frog have Yeti on, but as much as I admire John Hassall I suspect it’ll be another ‘stay in the artrocker room’ night (i.e. avoid the band at all cost.)

So there you have it; I couldn’t think of anything to post about so I simply gave a run-down of my gig-diary.

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Mr Baba - Comanechi

March 04, 2005

1. Mr Baba - Comanechi
2. W.L.Y.D!!! - Put Down That Science Pole
3. A Certain Romance - Arctic Monkeys
4. Chapel of White - Nigga Bullshit
5. B-Side Baby - Vincent Vincent & The Villains
6. Billy - Dustin's Bar Mitzvah
7. walking on the Autobahn - The Young Knives
8. Alas Agnes (I Still & Will Always Adore you) - The Mystery Jets
9. East of my Heart - Chineapples
10. Everybody's Writing That Slash Fic - Helvissa
11. 10 Dollar - MIA
12. Teignmouth - Patrick Wolf
13. When We Were Young - New Rhodes
14. What She Says - Drivin' South
15. I'm Happy But You Don't LIke Me - Asobi Seksu

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Pleasure Unit / Helvissa / V V & the V's

March 02, 2005

The last week has been somewhat empty in terms of gigage; shoe-girl and I missed the Q-o-N night with The Pipettes and The Long Blondes due to illness, and we missed The Mystery Jets at the Pleasure Unit on Monday due to overheating, and boredom. We were actually at the venue for the gig, and we saw the 15 year old school band (band-name unknown), and the band which I think may have been New Rising Sun due to the obvious (and frankly, blatant) Hendrix references – they were beset by sound problems, and instead of stopping for a couple of seconds to sort them out, decided to carry on regardless. My ears are still ringing three days later. Anyway, I took some photos of them because despite the awful sound they seemed quite good.

We also saw Dustin’s Bar Mitzvah who were excellent, if a little lackadaisical - excuses provided were “we were in the studio all day and we’re knackered”. Turns out they weren’t lying and the results are available to one and all here http://www.dustins.co.uk - Billy and Goldhawk Road are the new ones so don’t miss out.

Vincent Vincent and the Villains have been plying their post-ska rockabilly trade for a short while around London. I have yet to see them (despite them featuring heavily in my ‘gigs I must go to’ list each week); but I’ve heard that it’s a real treat. They have two songs to download from their website http://www.vincentvincentandthevillains.com/, but the direct links are sometimes difficult to find, so I’ll provide them here:
Vincent Vincent and the Villains – On My Own
Vincent Vincent and the Villains – B-Side Baby

Helvissa are from somewhere in the west midlands and seem to attempt a sort of sub-art brut drone rock. There’s quirkiness, but also the obvious heroin-rock+JAMC influences milling about in these (rather badly recorded) tracks. There are soon to be releasing an EP on the lostmusic label, ran by the knowledgeable and gracious Trev@lostmusic.co.uk, but there are a lot of tracks still available at soundclick
if you can’t be arsed with the sign-up process there here is one of the tracks from that site, which I think may interest a few of you (especially if you’re reading this on Livejournal; you bunch of weirdoes) – because y’know everybody’s doing it…
Helvissa – Everybody’s Writing That Slash Fic

n.b. I wrote this post whilst slightly drunk and slightly ill (hope it not avian flu) so apologies to all offended.

One final thought: after almost two weeks of Hunter S Thompson eulogies, the question remains to be answered. Was Gonzo journalism the forbearer of blogging?

Shit, I really am drunk.

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