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This is a big long list of gigs I have been to...

February 03, 2005

Have been gigging loads and loads with the shoe girl recently; spending silly money and drinking silly drinks. It got so bad by Monday morning that I took two days off work! I never take days off work! If I feel bad I generally just go to work and skive as much as I can. Anyway, here’s a short run though the past week and a half in the land of swish and shoes.

Tuesday 25th January 2005
Maximo Park at Metro. Supported by faulty driver (I think) who were actually quite good; in a vertically challenged Kele Okereke way. Maximo park were pretty good, but it was a bit of an industry gig full of old people – so wasn’t fully enjoyable.

Thursday 27th January 2005
Art Goblins at Circus / Elbow Room, Islington. Some shit American/Canadian band were on first who were rubbish. Then (surprisingly low on the bill) were dustin’s bar mitzvah who played one of the best gigs I’ve seen by then so far (no jimmy white though?) best bits of the set: all the chineapples fans hating dbm and not dancing – dave getting annoyed and shouting at them – dave getting a cigarette off Guy mcknight from 80s matchbox (alari?) – dave messing in the dj booth and having a fight with the DJ.
Next we had the barbs who were boring; which amazed me as I loved massive crush. Then chineapples; who were interesting. a little too dot org affiliated for my liking – but shoe girl is friends with the singer Douglas so I’ll let them off. Finally the art goblins came on stage and played a set reminiscent of kjell in their heyday – total carnage, and terribly, terribly bad.
jack and candy were there and we sat with them, they are nice.

Saturday 29th January 2005
X-posure all dayer at Barfly. Was loads and loads of fun – saw james from the rocks stumbling towards destruction, john kennedy wearing a pink stripy t-shirt, and I got so drunk that I went to sainsburys bought some coriander and then gave it to a 16 year old girl outside the barfly.
We also missed pretty much every band we wanted to see: metro riots, clor, cherubs, dogs and eastern lane. We saw maximo park and they were good, a lot better than the metro gig. We didn’t stay for yourcodenameis: milo because we wanted to get to Frog early. Dave went green on the tube (he said it was the lights) and went home. Shoe girl and I went to frog and I made up some dances and then we saw ludes who were really good – but do you ever really enjoy bands you see at frog? It’s too big, and too late and most of the time you’re too drunk – I see the bands at frog as trivial entertainment – like a circus, and not something you go to specifically see.

Tuesday 1st February 2005
The rocks at the barfly. Support from the cunts (who we missed), and the ordinance who were ok (this gig review is getting really deep now isn’t it?) the rocks were loads of fun as usual, but you could see that they weren’t too chuffed with the turnout. Best bit: Glancing around the half empty (half full?) venue James says “Tuesday night at the barfly… it’s a rocking place. And we are the rocks! That’s what we do.” And then he fell off the stage. Then shoe girl got her bag stolen by some ‘crack-whore’© and we had to leg it to cancel all her cards and stuff. We met sarah from the rocks on the tube and regaled her our story of woe. She had read shoe girls Live journal and knew all about her eddie argos infatuation, which was funny.

Wednesday 2nd February 2005
rtx at 93 feet east. Well actually, we didn’t stay for rtx (royal trux? Who?) and just watched comanechi (best two person band in the world) and gin palace I love ‘em; Helen Hates them… they still didn’t play ‘cool like an axe’! that song Is really good, I was upset.
the venue was full of old (well late 20s) people – apparently kate moss was there. I hate old people.

and that’s it. Hope you enjoyed my totally uninteresting run down of the gigs I’ve been to this week.

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