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The Pipettes & The Chalets Rock(s)!

February 07, 2005

The Pipettes – Judy (Wotcha gonna do?)
Very hotly tipped girl fronted band. What, another one? Seemingly borne of the same pedigree of the other new girl-fronted harmonies and Guitar bands (the long blondes, the chalets, the Schla La Las, Wet Dog, The Violets etc etc) The Pipettes are receiving much of the ‘Media Hype’ as such. Well, the Queens of Noize like them. And it hurts to see you dance so well is the greatest one minute song since that Whirlwind heat album last year.
This tells of befriending the Beautiful, but hard girl from school, and how she’s not that bad after all. Or something. Get involved join the ‘Female Doo-wop with a mark e smith side order' revolution.
website: thepipettes.co.uk

The chalets – love punch (xfm session)
wicked irish party music, just without the bodhráns. The chalets 2 girls, three boys and a lot of unpronounceable irish names. Helen got their feet at the gig at the garage a couple of weeks ago; and they were apparently asked to support art brut around the same time. Love punch was on the Nightrock EP which came out towards the end of 2004; and to be honest was the best track on there. “I know you love me but you’re fucking crazy”
website: the chalets.com
buy it from: amazon

On Friday we went to a bit of an all-girl superfest at Catch 22; Wet Dog, the violets and the long blondes (and the rebel and his hat-based noisy country ballads of woe). ‘Twas a great gig, with all three girly bands living up to and enhancing my girl-band-doo-wop love – this whole Shangri-las revival is taking off (they were the ‘60s girl-beastie boys you know?).

Saturday we went to see maximo park (again) at frog; I’m still loving them, even if every other person in London seems to have already written them off. The way I see it is like Bloc Party, The Futureheads and Franz Ferdinand etc at the beginning of last year, they have great commercial potential; which can sometimes cause avoidance by certain people. Limmasol as next single please.

Here’s some very poor pictures of The Rocks at the barfly last week.

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