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The Fades

February 09, 2005

the fades – fruit machine (demo)
the fades – caca (demo)
I’ve been sat on these tracks for a rather long time now, and I’m really not sure why.
James from the band accosted me at a gig back in November and promised to send me some demos, which promptly arrived; and I’ve been meaning to post them ever since.
The thing with the fades is: they’re nothing new and not exceptionally exciting, but they are really good. They do what they do, and they do it well; the type of music they make could, in many cases, turn out forced or contrived, but they make it seem easy.
Singer Dave and his brother James form the backbone of the group, which rose from the ashes of previous band Molotov Cocktail (apparently championed by Stevey Lamacq), The fades released a couple of singles and then a 6 track EP called Social Misfits in May of last year. The tracks available above are from some new demos that the band recorded in October 2004, and are currently playing around the gig circuit.
More downloads available: bbc.co.uk/radio1/onemusic
Website: thefades.co.uk
Buy it from: amazon

Yesterday I interviewed Adam Green for work. It was loads of fun, and he’s a really nice guy; but I came out of the interview feeling completely disappointed and dejected for two reasons.
My first reason relates to the physical: he wasn’t as big as I had hoped, and he didn’t offer me lots of alcohol / drugs. OK - lame I know – but I would have liked some drugs, because then I could have said to my grandchildren, “I was a bit of a Wildman in my youth; I was drug-buddies with Adam Green…”
My second reason (although not too far removed from the first) relates to the social: he didn’t instantly recognise me as a kindred spirit, and take me into his inner ring, and make me his lover, and we didn’t get matching tattoos saying ‘chris and adam friends 4 eva’.
That would have been cool.
anyway the video for the interview will be edited soon and up online; although I can’t really post the link on here – for ‘watch your job when you’ve got a blog’ reasons, a la this gentleman.

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