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QoN, The Cazals and The Subways

February 19, 2005

Weeks of over-exertion and gin-guzzling reached their logical conclusion this week, my body finally saying 'that's enough now, I'm not doing it anymore´┐Ż at the start of this week. Consequently last night (Friday) and tonight were designated 'quiet nights'. A certain amount of recuperation is required, especially if I'm to survive this Sunday, which will see me shaking my booty at a Tsunami fund-raiser at Nambucca in Holloway.

To compensate I've decided to provide you, my dear readers, with an mp3-infused run down of what I could have been doing these past couple of days, had I not been so physically messed-up.

Last night, Friday 18th February, a possibility was the angular records clubnight at the venue in New cross featured the fucks, the blue minkies and mitten. however my choice for the evening would have been the queens of noise clubnight at the barfly with 10,000 things, the witnesses, and the cazals.
The queens of noise released a mix-tape thing on itunes called 'the best of 2005' at the start of the year and have been putting the bands featured on at their clubnight every week. The 10,000 things song featured on the mix-tape was damaged goods and although I'm not going to make it available for free here, if you have itunes installed on your machine click here to check out the best of 2005

Tonight, Saturday 19th Februarythere's lots of great things going on in London town including the schla la las at the water rats - you can download some snippets of their songs on their website here.

Slightly more enticing for me personally would be The Cazals and Dustin's Bar Mitzvah at the error campaign clubnight at Nambucca. I know incredibly little about The Cazals considering how long they've been knocking round the scene - I do know they have shiny hair, brown hats and are pete-d-approved - whether any of those things are good points I don't know. Make your own mind up.
The cazals - bounder and a cad

After that gig I would have been going to frog to see (get ready for this incredible insight) young+pretty+eavis-selected+rock-and-roll-killers the subways.If you haven't heard their hype yet then you must have had your head in a washing machine for the past 8 months. Bands at frog take the stage at an hour past midnight, and the subways have the perfect song for that occasion.
the subways - at 1 am

Now I'm back to bed with a raw carrot and a mug of green tea.

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