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'trocker and the rise & rise of popstar feets

January 12, 2005

Last night we went to ‘trocker to see (purveyors of female do-wop loveliness) the schla la las and (Sheffield’s finest new cross associated melodo-rockers) the long blondes. Most importantly it was another chance for helenium to grab some more of those all important feet shots.

‘trocker was the busiest I’ve seen it in a long while, but there seemed to be a strange atmosphere around the place; no-one really seemed that interested (despite really great sets from both bands). Dave suggested that (with it being the first trocker of the year) most people were there to be ‘seen’. Dunno.
the long blondes rocked though – even playing a bit of special needs’ classic the winter gardens at the start of one of their songs. Anyway. Still got a bit of gin head, so I’m not feeling too eloquent.

helenium’s new theme blog Popstar Feets is really kicking off at the moment, she’s even had offers of spot features on the radio1 and Q magazine websites! Having already got Chris Martin, and Tim Wheeler I think she’s feeling a little bit of pressure to keep the momentum going, whilst maintaining a high celebrity standard (she was a bit annoyed with me not taking pictures of the bad pop band Freefaller and Mikey from Phixx when I saw them this week). Anyway, she got shots of dj supremo Rory Phillips, and the (hair) drummer from the long blondes. And she hopefully should be posting them soon, so check it out.

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