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Maximo Park, Dustin's and Test-Icicles

January 21, 2005

Maximo park - Fear of falling
these slightly pretentious Geordie nitty-poppers have been my big obsession over the past three months; so I'm going to be as nice as I can here. However I definitely do not want to mention two bands who they are inevitably going to draw comparisons to: F**** F******** and T** F*****h****. Maximo park can potentially be better than the both of them; they have a sparks feel to them (as do F**** F********), but occasionally wash over the jittery stuff with lush melodies. Paul Smith sings in a Geordie accent (popularised somewhat by the staccato maccam enunciation of T** F*****h****), but somehow it seems hardly noticeable. If they so wish (and if they drop the whole bukowski books on stage thing) they could rule.
Website: maximopark.co.uk
Buy it from: amazon

I listened in to the dustin's bar mitzvah one night stand on john Kennedy last night, I stuck it in the Tivo…so hopefully mp3s to follow (if I can figure it out).I only listened to two of the tracks last night (JK is on way too late for an old man like me) and I'll listen to the rest when I get home, but it seemed as if the vocals were particularly low in the mix; there was talk that they upset the studio engineers (I believe a penis was drawn on the wall of the studio) perhaps that was retribution?

also on JK last night - news that test-icicles have been signed to domino records and will be releasing 'dancing on pegs' as a single! Woo! Hoo! I fucking love test-icicles. I am totally their fan-boy groupie whore slag… well done to the test-icicles, may your ridiculous name not hinder you.

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