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James, Meghan, Zac and Eddie...

January 09, 2005

Last night was a bit of a write-off. After watching Everton cruise to victory in the third round of the FA cup (only spoilt slightly by cruiser-weight James Beattie, who was described reasonably eloquently by my dad as “…a bit of a pudding”), the night promised to be a whirlwind.

first I went to helen’s for some talking (future. Fate-deciding / synthesising type stuff). We then planned on a quick trip to the pleasure unit for the awesome-incredible-screamy-spazcore-scenekids test-icicles, and (great on record - terrible live) gin palace; only to find when we got there that both bands had pulled out! What! Both bands?

that was followed by a snap decision to head to Holloway road for funfairs & heartbreaks at nambucca. helenium, distraught by missing the possibility of the gin palace midget’s shoes, wanted some special needs shoe-blogging action. This of course meant that we missed out on the possibility of (heleniums #1 shoe blogging target) art brut’s eddie argos at the buffalo bar.

anyway, to cut a long (and boring) story short - after a hideously long tube journey to archway we walked around Holloway road for about 40 minutes, unable to find nambucca; before giving up and going the pub for more gin. gin head this morning very bad, ow.

 Posted by Chris at January 9, 2005 01:38 PM |  Category: Football, Life

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