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Fightstar and Dustin's Bar Mitzvah

January 20, 2005

Incredible. If this blog was a person it would be wandering around the streets with a bottle of whisky in hand asking passers-by if they knew who he was; "you're called the swish and you're meant to me an mp3 blog, not a drunk!" Well happily, I can say that mr swish has recovered from what we will refer to as an 'episode' and he's back - downloadable and rearing to go.

Fightstar - Lost like tears in the rain
I think I may be taking a bit of a risk with this one. The furore surrounding Charlie Simpson's exit from Busted has been extreme around these parts - see the red paint action man incident, and helen's illustrated distress. So posting a fightstar track whilst the wounds are still so visibly raw is perhaps a little insensitive, but you know what, fuck it. Fightstar are actually good (although I'm still as unsure about alex westaway's vocal ability as I was when I saw them at the underworld last year).

Dustin's Bar Mitzvah - To The Ramones (Live)
This track was recorded at the January the 13th gig at the rhythm factory (see post below) by the well kitted out Trev from Lostmusic.co.uk (check it out). The recorded version of this track has just become available on the Dustin's Official website here, and it's well worth getting. They are the messiest they could be without being terrible; assiduously maintaining their own brand of scrappiness, but still portraying a sort of visceral excitement which (at least at the gigs I've been at) leave the crowd pumped-up with huge grins on their faces.

tonight they're on john kennedy, and if any of you are in the London area / have a digital tv / or can listen to it on the internet, then do it! Their Setlist will be: Lucy, To The Ramones, Goldhawk road and Where's bill grundy now?

and finally the rest of the rhythm factory gig is available for a short time at trevor's lost music site (including all of dave's inane ramblings) click here.

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