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Dustin's 'own' Death Disco

January 06, 2005

Two gigs in a row at Death Disco for Dustin’s Bar mitzvah ended in apparent chaos last night. Mid-song fuck-ups, on-stage fighting and, best of all, off-stage fighting (between the band's roadies/friends/family – it was totally scallylicious). This left the band seemingly in a bit of a huff; racing through the last few songs and walking off stage to relative silence as the place rapidly emptied of people.

First of all, there is something quite important that I have to say about Dustin’s bar mitzvah. I think they possibly have the most commercial potential out of any unsigned bands I’ve seen for the 12 months. They are lyrically fascinating, and surround themselves with such rock ‘n’ roll circus that sometimes you can’t help but think that you are witnessing the birth of a legend
Last night however The problem these boys seemed to have was that they were awful – truly awful.
Dave seemed to be in a bit of a mood – his sulky affectations rubbing off on the rest of the band – to the point where they all gave him a kick when he fucked up.
they played all the classics (the stuff that prove they have real talent as songwriters) BNP, Jimmy White, Lucy and get your mood on; but ruined any chance of the quality shining through with a half-arsed attitude.

what’s most disappointing about it (for a ‘concerned’ fan such as myself) is that last night was the ideal time to cement their position as ‘the best unsigned band ever ever’. Gordon Raphael was filming them, tim wheeler and the entire cast of the coldplay band were in attendance, and mcgee is obviously impressed – putting them on at death disco on the past two nights now. Their time was then. Last night. No wonder dave was so pissed off when I was leaving. “I’m going home! No fuck you! I’m going home!”

shoeblogger to the stars… Helen has started a new themed picture blog. It’s called popstar feets and it will feature pictures of famous (-ish) people’s shoes.

She kicked it all off at the Comanechi gig at whiteheat on Tuesday night with the lovely and talented akiko (white brogues), and has followed it with Gordon Raphael (scuffed trainers), and tim wheeler and chris martin (shiny black boots and white addidas trainers respectively). Check it out here http://helenium.pitas.com/ and remember, she’s always looking for contributions – if you are out and see a celebrity take of photo of their shoes and email it over to her. Cheers.

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