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A Meeting on Brick Lane...

January 14, 2005

The bishops were pretty non-descript last night. Not particularly worthy of comment. We were at the Rhythm factory to see an awesome night of many many bands, but in the end we only saw three, and one of them was the bishops.

Happily they were followed by Metro riots, who impressed me so much more than last time I saw them (although last time I was significantly distracted by the prospect of throwing pool balls at special needs groupies with toby from dustin’s bar mitzvah). They really get people moving with their blend of punkfunk mc5 type stuff and messy (captain armbands) London grubbiness. Envisage the rolling stones if they had gone through a fuck-funk phase.

Dustin’s Bar Mitzvah again, this time hampered by terrible sound engineering; but still they fought through it – someone actually asked me if they were signed, and when I said no (except for their one single deal) he went over to some trendy looking fella and whispered it into his ear. Ooh. Anyway, I’m sick of telling you all how good dustin’s are – go to the website, download the tracks and get on the forum.

sadly we didn’t stay for the ludes – which means I’ve missed them twice now… anyway

on the way back to helen’s flat, walking down brick lane, we came across Eddie Argos and various members of Ciccone and other Art / Post brit-pop bands (sorry I dunno who half of you were) eating bagels from bagel bake / the bagel shop. Helen got her shoe (actually sock) picture, and then we got invited back to one of their houses to drink whisky into the early hours. Unfortunately Helen didn’t hear that (she was still in a bit of shock to be stood next to EA) and shook hands, said goodbyes and walked off. When I told her later she said “at least I can say that I turned down Eddie Argos.” She is such a groupie whore slag.

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