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Run Alan Hanson! Run! - Go! Team! Go!

January 31, 2005

1. run alan hanson! run! - go! team! go!
2. no wow - the kills
3. i knew - comanechi
4. palahniuk's laughter - fightstar
5. limmasol - maximo park
6. radio - ludes
7. cool like an axe - gin palace
8. fuck the msp - the art goblins
9. undoing - kalev
10. weekends and bleakdays - the young knives
11. goldhawk road - dustin's bar mitzvah
12. hard to love, easy to lay - black wire
13. you can't steal my love - mando diao
14. lizzie's lion - mystery jets
15. magic touch - clor

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Oh Marie - Ladyfuzz

January 24, 2005

1. oh marie - ladyfuzz
2. leader of the pack - the shangri las
3. fear of falling - maximo park
4. goldhawk road (xfm session) - dustin's bar mitzvah
5. misunderstood - the beat up
6. tiger bastard - mu
7. r.i.p. mother - metro riots
8. juvenile - rhesus
9. lost like tears in the rain - fightstar
10. freaks are out - quit your dayjob
11. how does it feel, now you're on your own? - neils children
12. just let go (tommy sunshine remix) - fischerspooner
13. the face - black wire
14. souvenirs - patrick wolf
15. 10 dollar - M.I.A.

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More Dustin's: XFM session

Yes, that's right. This is my fourth post in a row containing something about Dustin's bar mitzvah. I'll try to make it my last for a while, honest. although they have been added to the bill for circus at the elbow room this Thursday - which i'm sure will be blog-worthy. especially with ben bailey from thee unstrung on the bill - fight, fight, fight, fight.

Anyway this is their session from John Kennedy on the 20th of January.

Dustin's Bar Mitzvah - Lucy (XFM)
Dustin's Bar Mitzvah - GoldHawk Road (XFM)
Dustin's Bar Mitzvah - To The Ramones (XFM)
Dustin's Bar Mitzvah - Where's Bill Grundy Now? (XFM)

yeah, I've got too much time on my hands I know. Oh, and please don't direct link to these files, my bandwidth is a bit fucked up already after helen's blog became bigger than google.

Second on the agenda we've got the video for heartbeat by annie. I'm posting this basically because I wanted to play about with my swish video player again…
Annie- Heartbeat video

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Maximo Park, Dustin's and Test-Icicles

January 21, 2005

Maximo park - Fear of falling
these slightly pretentious Geordie nitty-poppers have been my big obsession over the past three months; so I'm going to be as nice as I can here. However I definitely do not want to mention two bands who they are inevitably going to draw comparisons to: F**** F******** and T** F*****h****. Maximo park can potentially be better than the both of them; they have a sparks feel to them (as do F**** F********), but occasionally wash over the jittery stuff with lush melodies. Paul Smith sings in a Geordie accent (popularised somewhat by the staccato maccam enunciation of T** F*****h****), but somehow it seems hardly noticeable. If they so wish (and if they drop the whole bukowski books on stage thing) they could rule.
Website: maximopark.co.uk
Buy it from: amazon

I listened in to the dustin's bar mitzvah one night stand on john Kennedy last night, I stuck it in the Tivo…so hopefully mp3s to follow (if I can figure it out).I only listened to two of the tracks last night (JK is on way too late for an old man like me) and I'll listen to the rest when I get home, but it seemed as if the vocals were particularly low in the mix; there was talk that they upset the studio engineers (I believe a penis was drawn on the wall of the studio) perhaps that was retribution?

also on JK last night - news that test-icicles have been signed to domino records and will be releasing 'dancing on pegs' as a single! Woo! Hoo! I fucking love test-icicles. I am totally their fan-boy groupie whore slag… well done to the test-icicles, may your ridiculous name not hinder you.

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Fightstar and Dustin's Bar Mitzvah

January 20, 2005

Incredible. If this blog was a person it would be wandering around the streets with a bottle of whisky in hand asking passers-by if they knew who he was; "you're called the swish and you're meant to me an mp3 blog, not a drunk!" Well happily, I can say that mr swish has recovered from what we will refer to as an 'episode' and he's back - downloadable and rearing to go.

Fightstar - Lost like tears in the rain
I think I may be taking a bit of a risk with this one. The furore surrounding Charlie Simpson's exit from Busted has been extreme around these parts - see the red paint action man incident, and helen's illustrated distress. So posting a fightstar track whilst the wounds are still so visibly raw is perhaps a little insensitive, but you know what, fuck it. Fightstar are actually good (although I'm still as unsure about alex westaway's vocal ability as I was when I saw them at the underworld last year).

Dustin's Bar Mitzvah - To The Ramones (Live)
This track was recorded at the January the 13th gig at the rhythm factory (see post below) by the well kitted out Trev from Lostmusic.co.uk (check it out). The recorded version of this track has just become available on the Dustin's Official website here, and it's well worth getting. They are the messiest they could be without being terrible; assiduously maintaining their own brand of scrappiness, but still portraying a sort of visceral excitement which (at least at the gigs I've been at) leave the crowd pumped-up with huge grins on their faces.

tonight they're on john kennedy, and if any of you are in the London area / have a digital tv / or can listen to it on the internet, then do it! Their Setlist will be: Lucy, To The Ramones, Goldhawk road and Where's bill grundy now?

and finally the rest of the rhythm factory gig is available for a short time at trevor's lost music site (including all of dave's inane ramblings) click here.

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A Meeting on Brick Lane...

January 14, 2005

The bishops were pretty non-descript last night. Not particularly worthy of comment. We were at the Rhythm factory to see an awesome night of many many bands, but in the end we only saw three, and one of them was the bishops.

Happily they were followed by Metro riots, who impressed me so much more than last time I saw them (although last time I was significantly distracted by the prospect of throwing pool balls at special needs groupies with toby from dustin’s bar mitzvah). They really get people moving with their blend of punkfunk mc5 type stuff and messy (captain armbands) London grubbiness. Envisage the rolling stones if they had gone through a fuck-funk phase.

Dustin’s Bar Mitzvah again, this time hampered by terrible sound engineering; but still they fought through it – someone actually asked me if they were signed, and when I said no (except for their one single deal) he went over to some trendy looking fella and whispered it into his ear. Ooh. Anyway, I’m sick of telling you all how good dustin’s are – go to the website, download the tracks and get on the forum.

sadly we didn’t stay for the ludes – which means I’ve missed them twice now… anyway

on the way back to helen’s flat, walking down brick lane, we came across Eddie Argos and various members of Ciccone and other Art / Post brit-pop bands (sorry I dunno who half of you were) eating bagels from bagel bake / the bagel shop. Helen got her shoe (actually sock) picture, and then we got invited back to one of their houses to drink whisky into the early hours. Unfortunately Helen didn’t hear that (she was still in a bit of shock to be stood next to EA) and shook hands, said goodbyes and walked off. When I told her later she said “at least I can say that I turned down Eddie Argos.” She is such a groupie whore slag.

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'trocker and the rise & rise of popstar feets

January 12, 2005

Last night we went to ‘trocker to see (purveyors of female do-wop loveliness) the schla la las and (Sheffield’s finest new cross associated melodo-rockers) the long blondes. Most importantly it was another chance for helenium to grab some more of those all important feet shots.

‘trocker was the busiest I’ve seen it in a long while, but there seemed to be a strange atmosphere around the place; no-one really seemed that interested (despite really great sets from both bands). Dave suggested that (with it being the first trocker of the year) most people were there to be ‘seen’. Dunno.
the long blondes rocked though – even playing a bit of special needs’ classic the winter gardens at the start of one of their songs. Anyway. Still got a bit of gin head, so I’m not feeling too eloquent.

helenium’s new theme blog Popstar Feets is really kicking off at the moment, she’s even had offers of spot features on the radio1 and Q magazine websites! Having already got Chris Martin, and Tim Wheeler I think she’s feeling a little bit of pressure to keep the momentum going, whilst maintaining a high celebrity standard (she was a bit annoyed with me not taking pictures of the bad pop band Freefaller and Mikey from Phixx when I saw them this week). Anyway, she got shots of dj supremo Rory Phillips, and the (hair) drummer from the long blondes. And she hopefully should be posting them soon, so check it out.

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James, Meghan, Zac and Eddie...

January 09, 2005

Last night was a bit of a write-off. After watching Everton cruise to victory in the third round of the FA cup (only spoilt slightly by cruiser-weight James Beattie, who was described reasonably eloquently by my dad as “…a bit of a pudding”), the night promised to be a whirlwind.

first I went to helen’s for some talking (future. Fate-deciding / synthesising type stuff). We then planned on a quick trip to the pleasure unit for the awesome-incredible-screamy-spazcore-scenekids test-icicles, and (great on record - terrible live) gin palace; only to find when we got there that both bands had pulled out! What! Both bands?

that was followed by a snap decision to head to Holloway road for funfairs & heartbreaks at nambucca. helenium, distraught by missing the possibility of the gin palace midget’s shoes, wanted some special needs shoe-blogging action. This of course meant that we missed out on the possibility of (heleniums #1 shoe blogging target) art brut’s eddie argos at the buffalo bar.

anyway, to cut a long (and boring) story short - after a hideously long tube journey to archway we walked around Holloway road for about 40 minutes, unable to find nambucca; before giving up and going the pub for more gin. gin head this morning very bad, ow.

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Dustin's 'own' Death Disco

January 06, 2005

Two gigs in a row at Death Disco for Dustin’s Bar mitzvah ended in apparent chaos last night. Mid-song fuck-ups, on-stage fighting and, best of all, off-stage fighting (between the band's roadies/friends/family – it was totally scallylicious). This left the band seemingly in a bit of a huff; racing through the last few songs and walking off stage to relative silence as the place rapidly emptied of people.

First of all, there is something quite important that I have to say about Dustin’s bar mitzvah. I think they possibly have the most commercial potential out of any unsigned bands I’ve seen for the 12 months. They are lyrically fascinating, and surround themselves with such rock ‘n’ roll circus that sometimes you can’t help but think that you are witnessing the birth of a legend
Last night however The problem these boys seemed to have was that they were awful – truly awful.
Dave seemed to be in a bit of a mood – his sulky affectations rubbing off on the rest of the band – to the point where they all gave him a kick when he fucked up.
they played all the classics (the stuff that prove they have real talent as songwriters) BNP, Jimmy White, Lucy and get your mood on; but ruined any chance of the quality shining through with a half-arsed attitude.

what’s most disappointing about it (for a ‘concerned’ fan such as myself) is that last night was the ideal time to cement their position as ‘the best unsigned band ever ever’. Gordon Raphael was filming them, tim wheeler and the entire cast of the coldplay band were in attendance, and mcgee is obviously impressed – putting them on at death disco on the past two nights now. Their time was then. Last night. No wonder dave was so pissed off when I was leaving. “I’m going home! No fuck you! I’m going home!”

shoeblogger to the stars… Helen has started a new themed picture blog. It’s called popstar feets and it will feature pictures of famous (-ish) people’s shoes.

She kicked it all off at the Comanechi gig at whiteheat on Tuesday night with the lovely and talented akiko (white brogues), and has followed it with Gordon Raphael (scuffed trainers), and tim wheeler and chris martin (shiny black boots and white addidas trainers respectively). Check it out here http://helenium.pitas.com/ and remember, she’s always looking for contributions – if you are out and see a celebrity take of photo of their shoes and email it over to her. Cheers.

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Limmasol - Maximo Park

1. limmasol - maximo park
2. choke on a cock - adam green
3. he's the devil (but i love him) - the hells
4. like eating glass - bloc party
5. oh my god - the kaiser chiefs
6. theme from chalets - the chalets
7. pow! (forward) - lethal bizzle
8. disco infiltrator - lcd soundsystem
9. another number - the cribs
10. where's bill grundy now? - dustin's bar mitzvah
11. burn your youth - johnny panic
12. cosmopolitan - nine black alps
13. a hole - comanechi
14. i hate models - neils children
15. go! sexy - maboroshi

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