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Radio 1 haikus

December 02, 2004

After the promise of a partially naked zane lowe we set off to the radio 1 Christmas party with hope in our hearts, and (at least in my case) gin on our breath.
The place was incredibly swish and as it turns out expensive, as the much fabled and sought after free bar had already ended. Free bars are great, aren’t they? They’re extremely rare, and mostly fleeting – they invite a flurry of shameless, high pressure drinking (with some people consuming their own weight in booze even if they’d intended to stay sober. “you can’t pass up a free bar!”) however in my experience they occur only where the drinkers themselves could most probably afford to buy the establishment itself, never mind a few beers. And to cap it off the outcome of the frenzy the prudent millionaires indulge in usually leaves brassless dole-ites like me facing a £12 bill for 2 drinks. In the event however I only had £4.50 on me; so drinks were supplied by my radio 1 homie (and new flatmate) dave; although I was considering offering a pound of my thigh for a round.

In the end the party was just about ‘good to firm’ and was enhanced significantly by spotting harry from mcfly in the lobby. “hello harry from mcfly!” I shouted. “erm… hi.” Was the reply. Awesome.
the night concluded lying in bed writing naughty haikus to lady swish...

you have nice boobies
I often think about them
as I lie in bed

 Posted by Chris at December 2, 2004 04:36 PM |  Category: Life

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