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i stole the first line from helenium...

December 09, 2004

another tuesday another artrocker.... oh i can't do this, faux plagiarism is the lowest form of wit. read helenium's review of the night, as she is far more concise and, quite frankly, abrupt than i ever could be.

instead i'll simply provide the pictures - lovely smudged, out of focus numbers as usual. the cherubs, artrocker club, buffalo bar, tuesday 7th december 2004.

i'm at my mum and dad's house at the moment; visiting to see my brother in the school play thingy. he has to cry in it, and apparently on most nights he gets real tears! Well, except for the night before last when he started laughing instead. monday i start my new job, ooh what's that feeling? oh yeah, apprehension.

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