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greek christmas?

December 24, 2004

Hello everyone, merry christmas and all that gubbins. I hope you are all now having a lovely time off work / nothing; and are suitably full of drink / full of food / full of drugs. Once again I’ve gotta say sorry for not posting for ages, and more importantly apologise for seemingly forgetting that this is an mp3 blog - I will be posting files soon. I promise. Today I shall be writing about new rhodes because I saw them for the second time on Wednesday night, and they were quite excellent. I’m not going to post one of their songs as they were on the Playlouder singles club in september so you can download from there; here’s the link: new rhodes – I wish I was you.

back to Wednesday night. New rhodes attempted to play ‘frostie the snowman’ – they are the best thing since sliced bread dustin’s bar mitzvah - they will be moderately large in indie rock circles.

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