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greek christmas?

December 24, 2004

Hello everyone, merry christmas and all that gubbins. I hope you are all now having a lovely time off work / nothing; and are suitably full of drink / full of food / full of drugs. Once again I’ve gotta say sorry for not posting for ages, and more importantly apologise for seemingly forgetting that this is an mp3 blog - I will be posting files soon. I promise. Today I shall be writing about new rhodes because I saw them for the second time on Wednesday night, and they were quite excellent. I’m not going to post one of their songs as they were on the Playlouder singles club in september so you can download from there; here’s the link: new rhodes – I wish I was you.

back to Wednesday night. New rhodes attempted to play ‘frostie the snowman’ – they are the best thing since sliced bread dustin’s bar mitzvah - they will be moderately large in indie rock circles.

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Dancing On Pegs – Test-Icicles

December 20, 2004

1. dancing on pegs – test-icicles
2. Christmas is cancelled – the long blondes
3. Daddy’s soul doughnut – the hells
4. joan – the sharp eaze
5. ca ca – the fades
6. born to run – adam green
7. B.N.P. – Dustin’s Bar Mitzvah
8. kicking on – gin palace
9. no one’s gonna come – sondre lerche
10. I never stopped – killing moon
11. to have and to hold – githead
12. Dead or Alive – zombina & the skeletons
13. feast on you – the violets
14. wake me up – girls aloud
15. dead matches – electric shocks

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i stole the first line from helenium...

December 09, 2004

another tuesday another artrocker.... oh i can't do this, faux plagiarism is the lowest form of wit. read helenium's review of the night, as she is far more concise and, quite frankly, abrupt than i ever could be.

instead i'll simply provide the pictures - lovely smudged, out of focus numbers as usual. the cherubs, artrocker club, buffalo bar, tuesday 7th december 2004.

i'm at my mum and dad's house at the moment; visiting to see my brother in the school play thingy. he has to cry in it, and apparently on most nights he gets real tears! Well, except for the night before last when he started laughing instead. monday i start my new job, ooh what's that feeling? oh yeah, apprehension.

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Out on the common

December 06, 2004

First of all I’d like to apologise to all you mp3-blogeroonies for not posting any songs recently. Don’t fret sir, I will be posting songs soon. It’s just that I’ve recently moved, don't yet have the internet, and am generally speaking to the kids/posting blog entries from internet cafes/girlfriend’s sofas.

On Sunday lady swish and I went for a morning stroll on wimbledon common; spending most of the walk in complete awe of the countryside and all that gubbins. Bethnal green is a place where you can forget that fields exist. We found a strange little village in the middle of the common (I think it was Wimbledon vale or something) we went to the pub, and stood under the sign which said ‘most attractive London street 2001’.

I then cooked a ‘petrol station roast dinner’ (named such because all the ingredients were bought in a food stop somerfield with petrol pumps and all). It was top.

oh yeah, I nearly forgot. Today I got offered a job at Q. woo!

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Radio 1 haikus

December 02, 2004

After the promise of a partially naked zane lowe we set off to the radio 1 Christmas party with hope in our hearts, and (at least in my case) gin on our breath.
The place was incredibly swish and as it turns out expensive, as the much fabled and sought after free bar had already ended. Free bars are great, aren’t they? They’re extremely rare, and mostly fleeting – they invite a flurry of shameless, high pressure drinking (with some people consuming their own weight in booze even if they’d intended to stay sober. “you can’t pass up a free bar!”) however in my experience they occur only where the drinkers themselves could most probably afford to buy the establishment itself, never mind a few beers. And to cap it off the outcome of the frenzy the prudent millionaires indulge in usually leaves brassless dole-ites like me facing a £12 bill for 2 drinks. In the event however I only had £4.50 on me; so drinks were supplied by my radio 1 homie (and new flatmate) dave; although I was considering offering a pound of my thigh for a round.

In the end the party was just about ‘good to firm’ and was enhanced significantly by spotting harry from mcfly in the lobby. “hello harry from mcfly!” I shouted. “erm… hi.” Was the reply. Awesome.
the night concluded lying in bed writing naughty haikus to lady swish...

you have nice boobies
I often think about them
as I lie in bed

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this is for real... fever

December 01, 2004

Ever since I woke up this morning I’ve wanted a cup of tea. 10 am I got out of bed and staggered to the kitchen only to find there was no milk. I pottered around the house a bit more, chucked some clothes on and got out to the corner shop. Unfortunately it seemed I’d pottered a bit too much and it was now 2 pm. So I bought the milk and went back to the house, put the milk on the worktop and was then sidetracked by murder she wrote. Anyway, to cut a boring story short, I’ve just had my cup of tea (that I’ve been craving so much) and now it’s 5.45. I hate being unemployed. That was my fucking day.

Anyway, last night we went to ‘trocker to see the fever and punish the atom (who were really good by the way). Throughout the fever’s (la fievre’s) set I tried to get dave to shout out “Ladyfingers” really loud. Which he didn’t; but they did play it as their final song and it was really good. Here’s some pictures.

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