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wind in the willows...?

November 28, 2004

we took a trip along the proverbial willow covered bank to frog on Saturday night, which was, like, totally exciting because I haven’t been to a full scale indie-disco since I last went to crash in Nottingham about a year and a half ago. Lady swish was going on about her idea for a shoe blog all night so I thought I’d start the ball rolling by posting one of her (now infamous) feet pics.

and beware! Regular readers of her blog (i.e. crazy newfound live journaling passion) she is attempting to move into the dark and seedy world of slash fic. She’s already started a story about sandy and ryan from the oc; and she is even threatening radio 1 slash fic! Chris Moyles and comedy dave, zane lowe and steve lamacq, and perhaps most hideously wes and scott (although apparently that’s already happened in real life litigation fans!)

anyway back to frog: the (international) noise conspiracy we’re dull, plain dull. Perhaps my opinion was swayed by the fact that they we’re all wearing tight red t-shirts; but I quickly got out of there. Anyway the real attraction was gin palace in the ‘trocker room. I positioned myself early (which meant I was right next to the speakers), got my drink on, and my smoke on – worked myself up into a suitable pre-gig frenzy of excitement and then they totally disappointed me. They have no tunes. Fact. The singer is 3 ft 2 inches. Fact (not that I have a problem with small people – I love midgets). They didn’t play ‘Cool like an axe’. Erm, fact, I think - I couldn’t really make out one song from the next. Anyway. This is what they look like in case you were wondering.

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