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Scratch card junkie and dbm

November 18, 2004

Dustin's bar mitzvah 'jimmy white'
this was the standout track on the demo they passed around a while back; but I'm going to see them tonight: like so excited. They play the scuzzy (bendy) shambolic angle of London garage rock. Get your mood on.
website: dustins.co.uk
contact the band: via email

Scratch card junkie '4 in the morning'
Tom Beck who runs the uk blink 182 forum suggested that this track, off the band's self-funded first ep 'let's make cookies', provided such a quality diversion from the slightly immature pop-punk ramblings of the rest of the ep to suggest real deep-seeded talent. The almost ballad nature of the track evokes sentiments of the softer side of us emo, or even the inane dribblings of dull oasis-alikes thee unstrung (only good).
Website: purevolume: scj
Contact the band: via email

 Posted by Chris at November 18, 2004 05:23 PM |  Category: Audio

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