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November 17, 2004

Prague was a messy weekend. I set off to Liverpool street on Friday feeling like death, and I arrived back at Liverpool street on Monday feeling like I was dead. In between we were either in a bar/restaurant eating/drinking, or walking towards a bar/restaurant to eat/drink. And we found the coolest Czech indie bar; they played liars, and bloc party, and cocorosie!

I've been thinking loads and loads today; I haven't really had time to think since july. I've just kind of gone along with the flow because I lacked the persuasion or strength to actually bother with anything that was going on around me. It's nice.
Last night went to the artrocker night at the buffalo (finally, we’ve been meaning to for about a month now). The night brought a few more ldn firsts; first fire absinthes in london, first mushrooms in london, first hackney cab in london. I even diced with death – bagel bake lamb samosa.
And now Outside, east London is golden, and I just missed my tissue and blew my nose all over my hand.

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