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playful sex

November 22, 2004

Sticking female Japanese fever over sensible indie boy fodder is an interesting and growing phenomenon. Maybe since the 5, 6, 7, 8's people are more interested in Japanese fronted indie-music, or perhaps Japanese girls simply bring a level of cool unattainable by most western singers – remember Karen O steals most of her style from the catwalk-style-Tokyo-streets.

comanechi – my favourite shoes
The first band is comanechi, a London band fronted by akiko: drummer, singer, sex goddess. Her sidekick the (comparative) indie-nonentity simon gets such a brutal, chugging, clunk out of his guitar that you wouldn't be blamed for thinking a war was caving in.
website: comanechi.com

asobi seksu - sooner
representing America is asobi seksu, which apparently means 'playful sex' – 'sooner' off their self-titled debut album is a gushing romantic harmony strewn cuddle-pot. serious bra, they make beautiful, raw, shit.
website: asobiseksu.com
buy it from: insound (u.s.)

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