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milk plus and fightstar

November 08, 2004

Milk+ - Last of the Mohicans

milk+ - Rebel Song

On Saturday night I saw milk+ play at the T23 & the psychedelic circus album launch party at the borderline. Scary futuro goth punks all over the place and a drunk fella with an adidas samba obsession. Milk+ avoid scary metal comparisons, despite the guitarist having floor length dreadlocks, and tread a much more listenable and exciting line of rock.
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On Wednesday my brother and his bandmate/hair-do peer came down to London for the day to go to a meet and greet with mcfly.
Big news harry has had his tongue pierced and they have got loads of new songs which they played to the meet-and-greeters.

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That night lady-swish and I went to see Youthmovie Soundtrack strategies and Fightstar (which just happens to be Charlie Simpson’s Screamo side-project/busted-babyshambles).
As ymsS interest me more than a band that could possibly destroy the greatest pop band ever I’ll just write about them.
they played the usual 4 song setlist; and kept the crowd enraptured for the majority of the first three songs, which is quite incredible seen as the crowd was made up mainly of over-sexed young girls with a three second attention span. Their main redeeming feature is that they are filled with energy despite their droopy post-rock outlook; the music is impossible to follow and predict, their tightness and tension spews out across the audience until everyone is standing on tiptoes or biting their fingernails in anticipation. Sadly by the time they launch into their last, and arguably best, song they have (‘If the works’) the crowd are twitching and fidgeting for different reasons; it’s as if they can smell the eyebrows and hair straighteners of the simpson boy. and ymss get lost under waves of teenage sweating.

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