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November 27, 2004

So it turns out that going to a gig on my own isn’t as much of a kick up the arse as I thought it would be. I threw pool balls with Dustin’s Bar mitzvah, checked out some tattoos, deprived zac needs of a free drink, and screamed some Live Journal into someone’s face.
The night was aided significantly by the presence of the lovely Claire; she took me under her wing for the night, introducing me to (almost) everyone that I wanted to meet, and all for the price of some m.l.
During one of the early sets, when I think the mushrooms we’re giving me a bit of jip, I was absolutely entranced by the hilarity of a journo type fella stood in the corner. He had a pad and was writing short notes as the bands played, nothing weird there - Except every time, just before he wrote, he would lick the end of his pencil; people actually do that! At the time that was the weirdest (and funniest) thing in the world ever ever - which I can now see it was not.
Dustin’s bar mitzvah were shit hot, it goes without saying – the messiest, most slow minded and quick witted band going. Number 1 every time. top moment: 01:35 am dave and baco jumping on stage and dancing when the (queens of noize slayer) dj played ‘lucy’.
metro riots - they are basically the fastest moving haircuts in the west; playing incredibly tight funkadelic bullshit with some little dancing balding fat boy making the crowd go all of a quiver.
special needs are simply an incredible band, however I had trouble with them simply because of the rampant oestrogen convention going on around me. It was a busted-alike scream-fest of the highest order. Don’t get me wrong, I like girls. I simply prefer it when their paying me attention, and not (the incredibly nice) irish heartthrob "zaaaccchhhaarrrrryyyyyyyyy!!!"

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