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Fantastic Cat - Takako Minekawa

November 29, 2004

1. fantastic cat - takako minekawa
2. lucy - dustin's bar mitzvah
3. late night bus (live) - the longcut
4. london live - akira the don and the women
5. yeah me out - cousin cole
6. jessica - adam green
7. the winter gardens - special needs
8. ice age - je suis france
9. cool like an axe - gin palace
10. wake me up - girls aloud
11. leave you wanting more - sluts of trust
12. sophie (live) - the parisians
13. firecracker - strung out
14. it hurts to see you dance so well - the pipettes
15. swing - the bloody hollies

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wind in the willows...?

November 28, 2004

we took a trip along the proverbial willow covered bank to frog on Saturday night, which was, like, totally exciting because I haven’t been to a full scale indie-disco since I last went to crash in Nottingham about a year and a half ago. Lady swish was going on about her idea for a shoe blog all night so I thought I’d start the ball rolling by posting one of her (now infamous) feet pics.

and beware! Regular readers of her blog (i.e. crazy newfound live journaling passion) she is attempting to move into the dark and seedy world of slash fic. She’s already started a story about sandy and ryan from the oc; and she is even threatening radio 1 slash fic! Chris Moyles and comedy dave, zane lowe and steve lamacq, and perhaps most hideously wes and scott (although apparently that’s already happened in real life litigation fans!)

anyway back to frog: the (international) noise conspiracy we’re dull, plain dull. Perhaps my opinion was swayed by the fact that they we’re all wearing tight red t-shirts; but I quickly got out of there. Anyway the real attraction was gin palace in the ‘trocker room. I positioned myself early (which meant I was right next to the speakers), got my drink on, and my smoke on – worked myself up into a suitable pre-gig frenzy of excitement and then they totally disappointed me. They have no tunes. Fact. The singer is 3 ft 2 inches. Fact (not that I have a problem with small people – I love midgets). They didn’t play ‘Cool like an axe’. Erm, fact, I think - I couldn’t really make out one song from the next. Anyway. This is what they look like in case you were wondering.

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Maximo park badge

November 27, 2004

So it turns out that going to a gig on my own isn’t as much of a kick up the arse as I thought it would be. I threw pool balls with Dustin’s Bar mitzvah, checked out some tattoos, deprived zac needs of a free drink, and screamed some Live Journal into someone’s face.
The night was aided significantly by the presence of the lovely Claire; she took me under her wing for the night, introducing me to (almost) everyone that I wanted to meet, and all for the price of some m.l.
During one of the early sets, when I think the mushrooms we’re giving me a bit of jip, I was absolutely entranced by the hilarity of a journo type fella stood in the corner. He had a pad and was writing short notes as the bands played, nothing weird there - Except every time, just before he wrote, he would lick the end of his pencil; people actually do that! At the time that was the weirdest (and funniest) thing in the world ever ever - which I can now see it was not.
Dustin’s bar mitzvah were shit hot, it goes without saying – the messiest, most slow minded and quick witted band going. Number 1 every time. top moment: 01:35 am dave and baco jumping on stage and dancing when the (queens of noize slayer) dj played ‘lucy’.
metro riots - they are basically the fastest moving haircuts in the west; playing incredibly tight funkadelic bullshit with some little dancing balding fat boy making the crowd go all of a quiver.
special needs are simply an incredible band, however I had trouble with them simply because of the rampant oestrogen convention going on around me. It was a busted-alike scream-fest of the highest order. Don’t get me wrong, I like girls. I simply prefer it when their paying me attention, and not (the incredibly nice) irish heartthrob "zaaaccchhhaarrrrryyyyyyyyy!!!"

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Lucy - Dustin's Bar Mitzvah

November 23, 2004

1. lucy - dustin's bar mitzvah
2. last act of desperate men (live) - the longcut
3. sooner - asobi seksu
4. my favourite shoes - comanechi
5. brown girl in the ring - Kiiiii
6. i wish i was you - new rhodes
7. sylvia - special needs
8. it's all about democracy - haywood
9. the creeps (you are giving me) - freaks
10. wake me up - girls aloud
11. the battle - medasyn ft. lady sov, shystie, zuz rock & frost p
12. ps and qs - kano
13. paralyzed - mando diao
14. no breaks - the bravery
15. everybody that's right - tokyo dragons

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playful sex

November 22, 2004

Sticking female Japanese fever over sensible indie boy fodder is an interesting and growing phenomenon. Maybe since the 5, 6, 7, 8's people are more interested in Japanese fronted indie-music, or perhaps Japanese girls simply bring a level of cool unattainable by most western singers – remember Karen O steals most of her style from the catwalk-style-Tokyo-streets.

comanechi – my favourite shoes
The first band is comanechi, a London band fronted by akiko: drummer, singer, sex goddess. Her sidekick the (comparative) indie-nonentity simon gets such a brutal, chugging, clunk out of his guitar that you wouldn't be blamed for thinking a war was caving in.
website: comanechi.com

asobi seksu - sooner
representing America is asobi seksu, which apparently means 'playful sex' – 'sooner' off their self-titled debut album is a gushing romantic harmony strewn cuddle-pot. serious bra, they make beautiful, raw, shit.
website: asobiseksu.com
buy it from: insound (u.s.)

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Scratch card junkie and dbm

November 18, 2004

Dustin's bar mitzvah 'jimmy white'
this was the standout track on the demo they passed around a while back; but I'm going to see them tonight: like so excited. They play the scuzzy (bendy) shambolic angle of London garage rock. Get your mood on.
website: dustins.co.uk
contact the band: via email

Scratch card junkie '4 in the morning'
Tom Beck who runs the uk blink 182 forum suggested that this track, off the band's self-funded first ep 'let's make cookies', provided such a quality diversion from the slightly immature pop-punk ramblings of the rest of the ep to suggest real deep-seeded talent. The almost ballad nature of the track evokes sentiments of the softer side of us emo, or even the inane dribblings of dull oasis-alikes thee unstrung (only good).
Website: purevolume: scj
Contact the band: via email

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November 17, 2004

Prague was a messy weekend. I set off to Liverpool street on Friday feeling like death, and I arrived back at Liverpool street on Monday feeling like I was dead. In between we were either in a bar/restaurant eating/drinking, or walking towards a bar/restaurant to eat/drink. And we found the coolest Czech indie bar; they played liars, and bloc party, and cocorosie!

I've been thinking loads and loads today; I haven't really had time to think since july. I've just kind of gone along with the flow because I lacked the persuasion or strength to actually bother with anything that was going on around me. It's nice.
Last night went to the artrocker night at the buffalo (finally, we’ve been meaning to for about a month now). The night brought a few more ldn firsts; first fire absinthes in london, first mushrooms in london, first hackney cab in london. I even diced with death – bagel bake lamb samosa.
And now Outside, east London is golden, and I just missed my tissue and blew my nose all over my hand.

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November 10, 2004

Ciccone are clearly from the more literal and less hands-on-hips-pout-on-lips end of the London art-rock scene; they are both the inspiration for and natural progression from Art Brut. They have apparently been knocking around for ages, and even acheived a steve lamacq single of the week in 2001. But only now, well over ten years since brit-pop ruined all our lives (hopes/dreams), do they make sense. They sound like sleeper, and shed seven, and the freshest thing you’ve ever heard all at once.

Ciccone – lost in SE1

ciccone – look at you now

Buy it from: amazon
Website: ciccone.co.uk

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Lost In SE1 - Ciccone

November 08, 2004

1. Lost in se1 - ciccone
2. ice age - je suis france
3. something else - agent blue
4. stunners international vol. 1 - akira the don
5. full moon in my pocket - swell maps
6. i like it when ya - loose cannons
7. uraqt (diplo remix) - MIA
8. heartbeats (rex the dog remix) - the knife
9. semen on the stepladder - test-icicles
10. shit to me - goldie lookin' chain
11. too many fiestas for reuben - modest mouse
12. wake me up - girls aloud
13. my favorite lay - help she can't swim
14. blow it out - the features
15. danny edwards - sexton ming

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milk plus and fightstar

Milk+ - Last of the Mohicans

milk+ - Rebel Song

On Saturday night I saw milk+ play at the T23 & the psychedelic circus album launch party at the borderline. Scary futuro goth punks all over the place and a drunk fella with an adidas samba obsession. Milk+ avoid scary metal comparisons, despite the guitarist having floor length dreadlocks, and tread a much more listenable and exciting line of rock.
Contact the band: by email

On Wednesday my brother and his bandmate/hair-do peer came down to London for the day to go to a meet and greet with mcfly.
Big news harry has had his tongue pierced and they have got loads of new songs which they played to the meet-and-greeters.

Check out photos from the best young haircut awards 2004

That night lady-swish and I went to see Youthmovie Soundtrack strategies and Fightstar (which just happens to be Charlie Simpson’s Screamo side-project/busted-babyshambles).
As ymsS interest me more than a band that could possibly destroy the greatest pop band ever I’ll just write about them.
they played the usual 4 song setlist; and kept the crowd enraptured for the majority of the first three songs, which is quite incredible seen as the crowd was made up mainly of over-sexed young girls with a three second attention span. Their main redeeming feature is that they are filled with energy despite their droopy post-rock outlook; the music is impossible to follow and predict, their tightness and tension spews out across the audience until everyone is standing on tiptoes or biting their fingernails in anticipation. Sadly by the time they launch into their last, and arguably best, song they have (‘If the works’) the crowd are twitching and fidgeting for different reasons; it’s as if they can smell the eyebrows and hair straighteners of the simpson boy. and ymss get lost under waves of teenage sweating.

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children in need

November 03, 2004

watch the new girls aloud video here! it's a bit gothic, like that linkin park video set in the desert, with the flying whale

'i'll stand by you' girls aloud in my beautiful swish blog player

enjoy the video? give them some money! donate to children in need.

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November 01, 2004

I went back to ormskirk last weekend to visit parents, dogs, relatives and a brother.

I felt completely rejuvenated when i got back, although I’m not sure whether it was because of the clean northern air, or because it was the first time I’d had two days off work in a row since July.

anyway when i got back i had to celebrate hallowe'en cos it's the best; so i made lady-swish organise an event. She was a bit lame and only managed to get one other person out - man mountain Ollie; but the night was fun nonetheless cos i got to wear scary eye make-up like gene Simmons.

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Hounds Of Love - The Futureheads

1. Hounds of love - the futureheads
2. I Love the leader - sammo hung
3. my favourite shoes - comanechi
4. circle. square. triangle - test-icicles
5. bunty vs. beano - help she can't swim
6. me and my Rhythm box - adult.
7. modern art - art brut
8. helicoptor - bloc party
9. i'll stand by you - girls aloud
10. screwed (alex G remix) - paris hilton
11. leave you wanting more - sluts of trust
12. brand new - food for animals
13. killing an arab - riton
14. heartbeats - the knife
15. french kisses - jentina

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