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john peel died

October 26, 2004

So the very sad news of the day is that john peel, one of my greatest idols, and a huge influence on the majority of the music industry for the most part of his life, has died. He was truly a great man, and I simply can’t imagine a British musical climate without his influence; the hole he has left will lie unfilled for some time.

Ok dudes I’ve been playing about with shit today cos I was well bored at work after 3 ‘o clock and found it very hard to focus on anything except making a music player. I wanted to show everyone the new dizzee rascal video for "…how u gonna havva dreem come truuuuee…?" because it is hilarious (and a great song – no denying it, you captain sensible hating freaks). however I couldn’t get real media to work in my player, so had to find another video to put in my beautiful new video-player.
so if you want to watch the dizzee video go here to watch it (via NME). and if you want to watch the video for the original mix of yesterdays posted track ‘romantic right’ by DFA 1979 click below.

watch ‘romantic rights by Death from above 1979 in my new swishblog videoplayer

Tonight swish-girl is making me go and see the others and the paddingtons. Duh.

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