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i love the title image for this post...

October 25, 2004

A welcome return to student debauchery on Saturday night left me in a rather compromised state during work on Sunday, so much so that I totally forgot to meet the great darius danesh, shit its 6 o clock on Monday and I still feel hungover. I spoke to a ginger mc, and it wasn’t until I woke up the next morning that I realised I’d met him before; still can’t remember where though.
Dave has gone on holiday and therefore cut off my direct link to Rory Phillips on the one week where arriving early at our disco might not guarantee entry: 2 many djs and Polyester (franz Ferdinand)!
Saw a very funny Ashlee Simpson story – she was on Saturday night live and was miming and they played the wrong vocal track – watch the vid here, and bear in mind they are meant to be playing ‘autobiography’ and not ‘pieces of me’.

Death from above 1979 – Romantic rights (Alfonzo Falcone's Love From Below Re-Edit)
This track has been knocking around for a long time, but I thought I’d post it today because I found a awesome DFA 1979 sticker on somebody’s desk at work today, and it now it’s looking beautiful on my bag.
Their website has a babyshambles.org style blog-from-the-heart thing, except:
They’re not bad looking lads either and make a hell of a racket with only a bass string and a drum.
Website: DFA1979
Buy it from: amazon

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